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History about Rome

Key Terms :) please enjoy *^_^*

Republic a political system in which the citizens of a region elect representatives to run the government.
Patricians a class of powerful landowners in ancient Rome who controlled the government and society
Plebeians farmers or workers who made up a large part or population in ancient Rome
Veto Ban
Forum the assembly place of an ancient Roman city
Constitution a political structure
Senate a body of legislators
Consuls a chief executives elected to run the government in ancient Rome
Dictator a political leader holding unlimited power
Gracchi He is an Roman statesman who tried to help the ex soldiers in Rome by redistributing public land to small farmers. His action got him killed by the angry mob
Gaius Marius a Roman general and politician who eliminated property restrictions for acceptance into the Russian army.
Lucius Cornelius Sulla Roman general and politician who became consul 88 BC that led a civil war against Marius and his followers, soon had victory and was a dictator
Julius Caesar Roman general and one of the greatest military leaders in history. he conquered Gaul and was name dictator for life in Rome. He soon died in a murder from a group of senators who opposed him.
Triumvirate a ruling body of three members
Augustus The very first member of Rome who created the imperial system of administration which gave new coinages and encouraged trade
Pax Romana a period of peace in Roman Empire lasting from between the beginning of Augustus's region until the death of Marcus Aurelius
Villa a home in the country
Civil Law
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