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Classical Greece ch5

key terms

polis the city-state that became the political unit in greece
acropolis the high area that a polis was built around
agora like a market place
helots state slaves
Hoplites foot soldiers
hubris great pride
democracy a form of government run by the people
Tyrant a strongman who seized power by force and claimed to rule for the good of the people
Solon another law maker
cleisthenes another reformer that took over athens
direct democracy all people vote directly on an issue
archon an elected official who served as the chief
phalanx a tight rectangle formation in witch soldiers held long spears out ahead
Socrates the first of the three greatest greek philosophers
Plato one of socrates students wich was also a greek philosophers
Aristotle the third of the greatest greek philosophers
reason means clear and ordered thinking
logic the process of making inferences
lyric poetry named after a musical instrument called the lyre
Herodotus the one who lived in Greece during the wars with Persia
Thucydides lived during the peloponnesian
Homer Iliad and the odyssey both attributed to a poet named homer
Alexander the great Philip the II's son
Hellenistic Greeklike
Euclid One of the great scholars who lived in Egypt
Eratosthenes Best known for calculating the size of the world
Archimedes helped improve technology