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Caz History Winter

Slavery Etc.

Why do you think taking away the southerner's right to own slaves and govern their own rules would bother them? 1.No slaves - Hire people - costs money 2.Dependent on slaves to do the work /earn money (profit) 3.No slaves - no one to do housework. Would need to do it themselves. 4.Can't set up own rules - cannot punish slaves. 5.Can't overwork slaves or worke
What was the less common but 'most spectacular' form of slave resistance? Name and give the definition. Armed rebellion - an organized group using weapons to resist or defy any authority or control.
What was the Civil War and when was it fought? It was a war fought from 1861 - 1865 between the northern and southern states in the United States that brought about the abolition of slavery.
What would often happen if slave masters increased the slave's workload, didn't provide enough food/supplies, or punished too harshly? The slaves might: 1. slow down 2. fake illness 3. break tools 4. disrupt the production on the plantation
Why would the slaves steal food, animals, and money from their masters? 1.Not enough nutrition provided for amount of hours worked-hunger. 2.Slaves felt they had a right to everything since master owned them-the slave justified the theft as just taking/eating/using another owned piece of property since they were owned too.
What was one of the most common forms of slave resistance? Running away
What are some examples of punishment for the runaway slaves if they were caught? 1. whipping 2. branding 3. severing the Achilles tendon
Why did the southern states want to leave the Union? 1. The south depended on the slaves to work on their plantations. 2. Few slaves in north by 1800's. Many northerners did not believe in slavery. 3. Southern states afraid government in DC would take away their right to own slaves and set up own rules.
What does compromise mean? When problems are solved by talking and each person or group gives in on some things.
What is point of view? What you believe in.
What is Emancipation? The act of freeing from constraint or confinement.
What is Union? The name given to refer to the federal government of the United States around teh time of the Civil War.
What is a Confederacy? A group of states that works together but allows each state to keep its own laws.
What was the Underground Railroad? A secret system of safe houses set up to help fugitive slaves escape to places of safety in the northern United States and Canada.
What was a fugitive slave? A runaway slave
What was a conductor? A person working on the Underground Railroad to help slaves escape to freedom.
Created by: BrennerFamily