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New ulm ch9 history

history ch 9 vocabulary

A word used by colonists to describe land on the edge of European settlement. Frontier
A reference book that contains much information. Almanac
The rugged land near the Appalachian Mountains. Colonists moved here because wealthy planters owned most of the coastal land. Backcountry
One of the most famous people in the colonies. Ben Franklin
Large farms in the Southern Colonies. Plantation
Rules made by the plantation owners that would not allow slaves to practice their own religion, learn to read, marry or own property. Slave Codes
The boss of the plantation. He might be an indentured servant or an enslaved person. Overseer
To send goods to other countries for sale or trade. Export
To bring goods from another country for sale or use. Import
The business of farming. Agriculture
Allows people to start any business they want. They decide what to make, how much to produce, and what price to charge. Free Enterprise
All the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service. Industries
A trade route that ran from the East Coast of the colonies to the West Coast of Africa to the West Indies and back to the East coast. Rum, iron, guns, molasses and enslaved Africans were traded along this route. Triangular Trade
Succeeded in growing indigo on the three farms she managed in South Carolina Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney
THe business of buying and selling people for profit. Slave Trade
An indentured servant who taught the children of the colony for three years to work off the cost of her trip from England. Jane Hoskens
A West African who was enslaved when he was 11 years old. He wrote an autobiography describing his life as a slave. He eventually earned enough money to buy his freedom and spent the rest of his life exploring. Olaudah Equiano
Created by: djanssen