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Legislative Branch

Terms for US Government on Legislative Branch of Government.

A law making body of made up of two houses. bicameral legislature
Distributed. apportioned
Practice of political party, politician, or group of people to draw voting districts to one'e benefit. gerrymandering
Legal protection. immunity
To give up a seat in Congress expulsion
Formal disapproval of a members actions censure
When congress meet and are active sessions
Private meetings caucuses
Latin phrase for "The time being." President Pro Tempore
Job to count votes, and ensure party members are present for important things whip
Leader of the House of Representatives. Speaker of the House
Proposed law bill
The approval of spending money appropriation bill
A law is also know as an act
Method used when the senate talks for many hours about a bill causing it to be "talked to death" filibuster
The legislative procedure for ending debate in the senate and taking a vote. cloture
Rejecting a bill outright. veto
If the president does not sign a bill within ten days it does not become a law. pocket veto
100 People are voted i to this house. Senate
435 people are seated here. House of Representatives
Current Speaker of the House John Boehner
Our US Representative Keith Rothfus
Our Republican Senator Senator Pat Toomey
Our Democratic Senator Senator Robert Casey, Jr.
Created by: dsalvucci