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Social Studies Ch.22

Study guides to help with vocab

Here's my infoGuess me...
What did the famous poet Langstan Hughes try to do with his poems? Langstan Hughes tries to write his poems into songs or made them sound as songs.
What does "Prohibition" mean? Prohibition means a total ban on alcohol drinks.
What does"Bootleggers" mean? Bootleggers is just another word for liquior smugglers. People who would try to sneak around liquor.
What was Zora Neale Hurston"s very well known novel? Zora Neale Thurston"s very well known novel is "Their Eyes Were Watching God."
What is "Disarment?" Disarment is the reduction of; or the limitation of military armaments or weapons.
What is "Communism?" Communism is an economic and political system in which the state owns the means of production and a single party rules.
What were "Anarchists?" People who oppose all types of government
Warren Harding Pesident in 1920 promised a return of normalcy.
KKK Ku Klux Klan.
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