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Social Studies

Chapter 16-17 Westward Expansion

Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3
The beleif that America was destined to move west? Manifest Destiny
When America bought Louisiana from France? Louisiana Purchase
The Expedition that made a trip to find a route to the Pacific Ocean? Lewis and Clark Expedition
What events led to the U.S. acquiring Florida? The Florida Acquisition -- The U.S. needed the land and got it from Spain
War and treaty subsequent organization Gadsden purchase? Mexican Cession
Texas Annexation--what main events led to the U.S. adding Texas? When was it a republic? The U.S. had to follow the Mexican rules because Texas was owned by Mexico. It was a Republic 1839- 1849. Mexico did not want to have slaves.
Oregon country (acquisition) What was it and why did we want it? Boundry between U.S. & Canada, plus it had ocean access and had both states Washington and Oregon
Forty=Niners and the California Gold Rush? They went for the gold. Strike it Rich
Building of the Transcontinental Railroad--Purpose of it and how it helped to expand the U.S.? The Chinese helped to build the transcontinental Railroad. The Purpose was to make traveling across the country faster.
For a small fee settler could get ownership to 160 acre's of land, this was called what? The Homestead Act of 1862
The Oregon Trail??
What is an area of land set aside for the Indians to live on? Reservation
A group of people setting out to explore an area? Expedition
The geography line between two places? Boundary
A person bor in Mexico? Mexicanos
Name the American Indian group livin in the Northwest? Nez Perces
Who was Chief Joseph? Chief Joseph was the chief of the Nez Perces tribe of Indians by 1870 people wanted the land and the Indians did not want to move and began fighting.
What were some of the first settlers called? Pioneers
Name a Religious and cultural group of people? The Mormons
What is a Miner's Claim" A piece of land worked by a miner seeking valuable minerals from the land (like gold)
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