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test 1

when was slavery between 1640&1865
in 1860 how many southern white people owned slaves 25% 1 in 4
How much money did Adult slaves cost in 1860 1,000 $ today 30,000
How many African Americans were slaves 3.9 million people
How many African Americans were free 50,000
How many African Americans were there total 4.4 million
What were the slave border states maryland , delaware, kentucky, Missouri
What slave sued for there freedom in 1857 Dred Scott said he was takin into free territory there for he should be free
Who is chief justice roger taney former slave owner from md. said black people neither slaves nor the descendent of slaves are citizens of the U.S
What did Steve Douglas democrat from illinois in 1858 Declare " America was intended to be a white mans country"
Republican Charles sumner from Massachusetts declared what " America was intended to be a universal nation regardless of race and color"
How many slaves were in nj in 1860 18
What did Andrew Johnson Declare " All white people should have slaves if all white people can't have them then none should"
What did Herbert Blumner declare Individual bigotry , prejudice or racism
God complex The creation of adam God is white Adam is white we europeans are white created in the image of god we white people are gods or devine worship of witness it is special or better chosen people favorites of god
sense of entitlement superiority is not simply about being but about having to rule over others to have what we want we want take what we want imperialism colonialism
Curse of ham English version fabricated in 1587 George Best Noah and his wife his 3 sons She, Jabeth, Ham and their wifes Noah said no one should have sex on the ark Best said Ham had sex on the ark god punished him to have a son chus who would be black and be slave
what did the curse of ham do jsutified segregation till 1964 used secular which said there is something in there blood that makes african americans inferior
what is an example of rationalization curse of ham - a lie we tell our self to make us feel better functions as escuse justifying behavior. used to justify slavery so no guilt was felt. assuage of guilt or anxiety .
what is the difference between anxiety and guilt anxiety is fear that something bad may happen guilt is when something is done wrong and feelings occur
why slavery is bad for white people family farmers ... miners in the west in 1849 found gold plantation owners 50 slaves.. blue collar workers no decent wage when slave can do it .. white ppl wanted to keep it white in west az , cali opposed
what kind of president was lincoln a sectional president 180 electoral botes douglas 12 lincoln was a moderate
what happened at fort sumner needed relief was fired on lincoln set up south with fort sumner and was fired on asked states for 75,000 to supress insurection
what was the war for to stop sucession june 1861- 11 states succeded lincoln suspended constitution confederates action gave lincoln power to abolish slavery
slave states that did not succeed deleware, maryland, kentucky, mussouri lincoln tried to maintain a wartime coelition to save the union
when did lincoln say that he would free the slaves september 1862 brit, france, russia recognized war and lincoln turned it into a war against slavery
Abolition of slavery step one started in dc april 16th 1862, Government declares slaves are free government paid 300$ per head for each slave master compensation with emancipation 3,100 slaves 993,000 for slaves
abolition step 2 June 1862 slaves in western territories abolished slavery without compensation small amount of slaves 15 Nebraska 29 utah 2 kansas
abolition step 3 lincoln decided to free slaves in south issued emancipation proclamation taking out the economy by takingout the slaces crashes without cotton 1850-1860 was half the export william seward sec of state said wait to win a battle to pass it
what was the proximate or most immediate cause session
what was the underlying cause slavery
abolition step 4 sep 1862 battle of ant-item confederated withdrew from field us declared vicory perliminery emancipation proclimation was passed sept 22 lincoln gives convfederacy 100 days ultimatum to end war or he will free slaves end of 100 days january 1 1863
What happens in december 1862 Lincoln gives adress to raise 400 million$ for bodys to give to treasury if sate agrees it woul dbe completed by Jan 1 1900 37 years state would recieve compensation a buy out no one goes for it
what happens in July 1863 Gettysburg PA Lee confederate Us Grant union general won which was the turning point of war
What was Nov 1864 Lincoln seccond term
What was Jan 1865 Congress approves 13th amendment emancipation proclimation improlization
What was feb 1865 400 million $ for compensation if end war by april 1
what happened april 9 Richmond falls
what happend april 14 lincolon was assassinated and the union continued to fight
What was the last state to fall Texas Gordon granger unloaded union army June 19, 1865 slavery in texas ended everywhere Juneteenth
When was the the 13th amendment ratified December 18, 1865 then lee surrended at Appomattoxiva
Created by: Julaine_13