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SS CH.10 C Quiz

What role did the House of Representatives play in the election of 1800? There was a tie between Aaron Burr and Jefferson, so the House voted 35 time in a span of 7 days. This was the role they played in the revolution.
In what condition was the US Military at the start of War of 1812? The military was weak because its size was reduced during Jefferson's Presidency. There were only less than 7000 men. These men were poorly trained and equipped and they were also led by inexperienced officers.
What was Napoleon's main objective to turn over Louisiana Territory to him? Napoleon led France was in a costly war with Great Britain and France also suffered from losses the revolt by Toosaint L'Ouverture. Therefore, he needed money, so wanted to take it from france and sell it to someone else.
List the Embargo Act of 1807 1. American ships could not sail to foreign ports 2. Closed American Ports for British Ships
Why din't Jefferson just simply but the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon immediately. Jefferson wanted strict interpretation of the constitution. The constitution did not talk the president's power to buy land. Therefore, he was confused on his decision.
How was Sacagawea was important? - I She was important because she had the language skills and she knew the geography of the land .
How was Sacagawea was important? - II The expedition ended up near the rocky mountains and they had the need of horses. Sacagawea later found a tribe whose chief was her brother. Those tribes later traded horses which was also helpful to the expedition.
What composed the Star Spangled Banner After the Attack at Ft. McHenry, the the American flag on the fort was still flying. To express his pride, Francis Scott Key wrote the it which later became the US National Anthem.
List the results of War of 1812 1. Increase American Patriotism 2. Weakened Native American Resistance 2. U.S. Manufacturing Grew
How was the Battle of New Orleans significant? It was a great victory for American General Andrew Jackson because the American casualties we 71 and the British casualties were 2000. This battle was fought after the end of war was declared.
What is Judicial Review? This says that the Supreme Court has the final say in the interpretation of the constitution.
Created by: k1213801
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