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Article 1


What is the legislative branch's main purpose? To make laws.
Congress is what branch? Legislative Branch.
What means 2 chambers who make the laws? Bicameral Legislature
What is the House of Representatives? Lower house
How many terms does the House of representatives serve 2 years term
What are the qualifications for the house? 25 years old, 7 years of citizenship, and must be a resident of the state from which you were elected
Do the members of the house have to be born here? No
How many total representatives are there? 435
What is the number of representatives based on? The states population.
The population is determined by what? A census
When is the census taken? Once every ten years
Why would they not let anyone else in the House of Representatives? There would be to many opinions.
Illinois has how many representatives? 18
What are the 3 reasons why a representative would not finish their term? arrested, terminal illness, died
Who calls for a special election when they have to replace a representative? The Governor of the state
Who chooses there own chairman? The members of the house
What is the chairman called? The speaker of the house
Only the house can began what? Impeachment proceedings
The senate is called? The upper house
How many senators in total are in the senate? 100
How many senators are from each state? 2 senators from each state
How many terms does the senate serve? 6 year term
What are their qualifications? 30 years old, 9 years of citizenship, and a resident from the state which they are elected from
Who are they elected by? They are elected by the people
What are 2 other names the President of the senate is called? Leader, Vice president
When does the President of the senate vote? When there is a tie
If the President of the senate can't be at a meeting then who steps in and acts as the President? The president pro tempore
When does the President pro tempore vote? They always vote they are a normal senator
What does Tempore mean? Temporary president
What does Impeachment trials mean? You are put on trial
Where is Impeachment trials herd? The senate
In Impeachment trials who does the president of the senate act as? The Judge
In Impeachment trials the senate acts as? The Jury
What are exceptions for Impeachment trials? The U.S president or vice president is put on trial.
In the exceptions who fills in for the president? The Cheif Justice of the Supreme court
What percent of the vote of the senate is necessary to find a person guilty of impeachment? 2/3
What are the punishments if the senate finds you guilty? removed from office, you can never hold another office in a national government again.
Who sets the dates for congressional elections? Congress
Congress must meet how many times per year? at least once
What is the date that congress holds first meting of new session? January 3
What day is the congressional elections help November the 1st Tuesday after the first Monday
In order to vote for any kind of reason what must be present? A quorum
What is a quorum? minimum amount of people to pass a law
What percent is our quorum? 51%
If enough members are not present then what will congress do? Absent members can be forced to come back
If a member is accused of misconduct then what percent of guilty vote by their own party must they get? 2/3%
What does Impeached mean? Something wrong in the law
Each house must publish a record of their what? meetings
How they vote has to be put in what? The congressional record
When congress is in a session, neither house can take a break for more than how many days? 3 days
When congress in in a session, neither house can take a break for more than 3 day with out who's permission? The other house's
If someone from congress says something on the floor can they be punished for it? no
If you hold a job then win an election what mush you do? You must give up your other job
You can't take a job that you help do what with? That you helped create
What are 8 powers Congress has? Coin money, borrow money, impose and collect taxes, declare war, make laws for D.C and other national lands, punish crimes committed at sea, build post offices, and regulate interstate trade.
What is one Final Power that congress has? Elastic clause
What is Elastic clause? Stretches the power of congress
Congress can't take away the right of (_____) except in times of national emergencies? Habeas Corpus
Congress can't pass (_______)? Bills of attainder
What is Habeas corpus? The right to a trial
What is facto laws You can't be punished for laws that wasn't a crime when you committed it
What is Bills of attainder Declaring someone guilty and punishing them without a trial
Congress can't make laws that factor (______) over another On section of the country
Congress can't grant titles of what? nobility
Officals of the national government can't accept expensive gifts from (_______) without who's approval? foreign countries, congress'
Who can propose a bill? Either house
Both houses have to vote in favor of the bill for it to continue to who? The president
What is the percent of the voting favor for a bill to go to the next place? 51%
President has to options when it comes to a bill what are the options? 1.) sign bill- becomes a law 2.) Veto bill- sent back to house where it began again
If the president veto's the bill the house cal do what? 1.) drop the bill- it dies 2.) override president's veto
How do you over ride a president's veto? you have to have 2/3 of each house to vote in favor of the bill then it becomes a law without the presidents signature.
How long does the president get to sign or veto a bill? 10 days
What happens if the president does not sign or veto the bill in 10 days? The bill automatically becomes a law
What is pocket veto? If before the 10 days are up, congress adjourns (leaves), bill is automatically vetoed.
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