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social studies

16th amendment 1913 - income tax reform: OCngress has teh power to tax peole's income
17 amendment 1913 - Popular election for senators - direct election of senators
18th amendment 1919 - prohibition of the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol
19th amendment 1920 - woman's suffrage
Jacob Riis Exposed the poverty of cities by taking pictures and writing (How the other half lives)
Lewis Hine took pictures for his works for the National Child Labor Board. THis shows children working in factories, mines, etc.
upton sinclair Worked to expose the child laborers and instead found the horrors in the meat packing district. His book (the jungle) led to the changes in the law like the pure food and drug act and the meat inspection act
Thomas Nast Worked to expose corruption at both the city and federal level. For the city level, he is most famous for his cartoons of Boss Tweed. For the federal level, he is famous for expressing his unhappiness towards african americans
ida tarbell Wrote (history of the Standard Oil Company) which exposed the unfair and corrupt practices of standard oil and its chief executive, John d. Rockefeller.
Jane addams brought the settlement house movement to the u.s. by founding the hull house in a settlement home in chicago.
WEB du bois worked to create equality for clank americans found by the NAACP (the crisis)
frances benjamin Johnston took really cute photos of Roosevelt's children
lincoln steffens wrote about corruption in political machines (The shame of the Cities)
Ida B. Wells worked through her writing both in newspaper and in her book (free speech). worked through speeches to expose violence towards blak americans, especially lynching
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