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Soc St Chapter 5

What does expel mean? means to force someone to leave.
What was an important industry for the economy of the New England colonies? Shipbuilding
Why did colonists have representative governments? They had these because they elected their own leaders.
Who was the leader of the Wampanoag? Metacomet(King Phillip)
Why was the King Phillip's War started? over ownership of land.
What did Town Meetings do? took care of town government.
Why did Puritans start Mass. Bay Colony? so that they could live according to their religious beliefs.
What are opinions? how you feel about something.
What are facts? proven to be true.
Why did people settle in the Connecticut River Valley? so that they would have fertile land to farm.
What was the Triangular Trade Route? It was a route that connected England, the English colonies and Africa.
What happened to people from central and western Africa? 1. They were captured and taken away on ships to be sold as enslaved workers in the English colonies. 2. They suffered and many died. 3. Over time, some colonists formed groups to try to end slavery.
What were two things that the colonists were free to do? 1. They were free to choose the goods they bought & made & the services they offered. 2.They were free to compete in business and to set whatever prices they chose for goods and services.
What were some of the girls' responsibilities in the colonies? They prepared food, made clothing, soap, candles and brushes.
What were some of the boys' responsibilities? They were responsible for working in the fields, hunting, making tools and raising the animals.
What were the Puritan children's responsibilities? They were responsible for going to school and reading the Bible.
How did the Puritans work to make their settlement in Mass Bay Colony a "city upon the hill" and a great example of Christian living that all others would look up to? 1. They kept strict control over life in the colony and punished dissent. 2. Their religious beliefs told them how to live, work, and spend their free time. 3. They attended long church services and found ways to combine their free time with work.
Created by: Mdankese
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