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IndustrialRev 6188

Industrial Revolution

Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin
Interchangeable Parts Invented by Eli Whitney for guns
Sam Slater stole the idea for factories from england and gave it to the United States
Slaves Picked much of the Cotton
Mass Prouduction producing a bunch of the same thing quickly
Erie Canal the nsme of the first canal built
Robert Fulton he built the steamboat called the Clermont
Immigrants worked with women and children in factories
Trains/Railroads invention that pulled great loads and could go anywhere
cotton gin invention that increased the need for slaves
Market economy what our economy became during the Industrial Revolution instead of a farm economy
South the region that grew most of the raw materials on plantations
North region where factories were built
England country where the Industrial Revolution started
benefit of railroads trains could pull greater loads
benefit of railroads trains could go practically anywhere
benefit of railroads trains could be used year-round
disadvantage of early railroads not safe, sometimes blew up
Sam Slater brought key to factory looms which brought the Industrial Revolution to America
result of Industrial revolution increase in demand for slavery
result of Industrial revolution increase in immigration of people from Europe
result of Industrial revolution women and children working in factories
result of Industrial revolution more people buying goods and food from factories
caused by the Industrial revolution growth of cities, the Transportation Revolution
unsafe, cramped, and dangerous condition of factories & tenements(apartments)during the Industrial Revolution
cause of the Industrial Revolution cotton gin and interchangeable parts by Eli Whitney
cause of the Industrial Revolution War of 1812 forced Americans to make own goods
Created by: tboever17