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Spine & Pelvis NWHSU

T1 - Winter 2013

Cervical Spine? 7
Lumbar Spine? 5
Thoracic Spine? 12
Number of bones in Adult Spine? 26
Number of bones in Kids Spine? 33
Discs make up __% of our height 25%
Number of Discs? 23
What sections of spine make up the Kyphotic Spine? Thoracic and Sacrum
What sections of spin make up the Lordotic Spine?? Cervical and Lumbar
Primary curves? Kyphotic. (Thoracic and Sacrum)
Secondary Curves? Lordotic. (Cervical and Lumbar)
Cervical Inferior Endplates Convex? Concave? Convex - side to side Concave - A to P
where is the Cervical Uncinate Process? Superior Endplate. Posterior 1/3-1/2
Another name for the Uncovertebral joint? Von Luschka Joint
What happens when Disc height decreases in Cervical section (Uncinate process specific)? A.O., Increase Stress, "Spur", Osteophite formation
Cervical Pedicles are ____ degrees ______ 45, sagittal
Cervical Transverse Process: ____ degrees to sagittal plane and _____ degrees to the caudal plane 60, 15
Where are Articular Pillars located? Between the pedicle and lamina
Cervical Superior facet joints face: Upward and posterior
Cervical inferior facet joints face: downward and anterior
Facet joints in cervical region have a ___ degree angle with the __________ plane. 45 degree, Transverse plane
What is the Spino- Laminar Juncton? In cervical where the two laminas meet/join. ((---< ))
What is the largest Spinous Process in the C-spin? C2
Central (spinal) Canal: - C1? - C2? - C3? - C4-7? C1 - 16mm C2 - 14mm C3 - 13mm C4-7 - 12mm
what is Torg's Ratio? AP cetral canal at least 80% the AP vertebral body dimension
Anterior arch (cervical) is _____ of the arch. 1/5th
what does the fovea dens of C2 articulate with? the Ondontoid process.
Lateral masses of C2 slope inward from: lateral to medial
what is steel law of thirds? Dens - 1/3 Cords - 1/3 Space - 1/3
Axis (C2) is also called? Epistopheus
T/F Body of C2 is thicker top to bottom than A to P? TRUE!!!
T/F C2 Pedicles are tall an stout? FALE. Short and stout
Largest laminae in C spine? C2
what is Bifid? two C2 laminae fused centrally to form spinous process
What Cervical TP's are bifid? C3-C7
C2 Pars Superior Facet is? Inferior Facet is? Superior? Anterior. Inferior? Posterior.
Space between the C2 pars? Pars interartcularis
Largest Spinous Process in C spine? C2
Second largest TP's in Cervical spine? C7
Verteba Prominens is also called? C7
Atlanto Dento Interspace Kids: Adults: Kid - 5mm Adults- 3mm
What is WOLFS LAW? Increase Stress = Increased bone production
what is an osteophyte? Bone Spur
Where rib touches vertebral body? Costal facets
T/F Thoracic SP's point Obliquely Downward? True
What Thoracics are most imbricated? T5-8
IBF's are smallest in which section of the spine? Thoracic Spine
Heart Shaped body? (rectangular in upper and kidney bean in lower) Thoracic Spine
how many facets on the Thoracic vertebral body? 10
How many process on the thoracic vertebral body's? 7
Thoracic Vertebral body height? 1-2 mm shorter anteriorly
SAP and IAP join forms ______ degrees to a ________ plane? 60 degrees to a horizontal plane
Interlaminar Space? where they stick the epidermal
7>>> is [rotating or gliding] 9<<<< is [rotating or gliding] 7> is Rotating 8< is Gliding
Atypical thoracic vertebrae? T1, T9-12
Typical Thoracic Vertebrae? T2-8
Widest TP's in Thoracic? T1
Largest Demifacet? T9 - for 9th rib
Costal Facets on the VB and Pedicle? T11
Anticlinical SP (thoracic)? T11
Costal facet on side/pedicle? T12
atypical SAP? T12
From (thoracic) Superior ---> inferior VB? Pedicles? TPs? increase in size increase in size decrease in size
T/F T1 SP is Anticlinical? TRUE
Thoracic Spine Canal is most critical/smallest? T4-9
Ribs are angled (superiorly/inferiorly)? Inferiorly
Ribs articulate with the sternum via ______ ____________. Costal Cartilage
Ribs that get longer/are attached directly to sternum? 1-7
Ribs that get smaller? 8-12
Ribs that attach to sternum via costal cartilage of the rib above? 8-10
"floating ribs"? 11, 12
what is the costal cartilage made up of? Hyaline Cartilage
Which spinal section has no costal facets? Lumbar
Shape of lumbar spine? Kidney shaped
T/F the Lumbar spine is wider A-->P than side--->side FALSE!! Lumbar VB is wider side to side than A to P
Lumbar VB anterior VB height is shorter than posterior VB height? L1 and L2
Lumbar Spine VB height is the same A-->P? L3
Lumbar Spine Anterior VB height is TALLER than posterior VB height? L4, L5
Lumbar Spine which Pedicles extend directly back? L1, L2
Lumbar Spine Which pedicles extend back ~45 degrees? L3, L4, L5
T/F The laminae is the lumbar spine is NOT imbricated True!!
WIDEST TP is at what Lumbar Spine? L3
TP's in Lumbar spine project_______ and _______. Lateral and posterior
Lumbar Superior Facets face? POSTERIOR and MEDIAL
Lumbar inferior facets face? ANTERIOR and LATERAL
Lumbar Facets primarily lie within the _________ plane at the upper extent sagittal
Lumbar facets change to ________ plane at the lower extend coronal
Lumbar mammillary processes extend ____ from ____ Posteriorly from SAP
SAP's (Thoracic Spine): Superior, Posterior, Slightly Lateral
IAP (thoracic Spine): Inferior Anterior and slight medial
Attachment point in the Lumbar spine for the MAL? the accessory process
lower end of the spinal cord (L1/L2) is also known as the _____________________. Conus Medullaris
"Isthmus" of bone? Pars Interarticularis
L5 is (typical/atypical)? Atypical!!!
what is a Nuclear Impression? impressions are a common variation in vertebral endplates contour characterized by bilateral, parasaggital endplate depressions separated by a centrally placed osseous mound.
The sacrum has a ________ posterior surface Convex (kyphosis)
Sacral base - faces _________ and _________ Anterior and superior
The superior articular process of the sacrum is ( concave/convex)? Concave
Superior articular facets on sacrum face __________ and __________ Posterior and medical
Another name for sacral ala? Wings of sacrum
Wings of sacrum are the fusion of the _________ and __________ __________ Transverse and costal elements
How many osseous ridges? 4
How many pairs of sacral foramina? 4
Part of the sacrum articulates with the coccyx? Apex of sacrum
Posterior surface of the sacrum is (concave/convex?) Top to bottom? Convex
No fusion of 5th lamina (sacrum)? Sacral hiatus
4 dorsal sacral foramina = Dorsal rami
Sacral groove consists of ? Fused lamina
Auricular surface Lateral side of sacrum.ear like.
T/F The large articular surface has 3xs more hyaline cartilage than that of the illium? True!!!
What shape is the sacral cannal? Triangular shaped
How many segments in the coccyx? 4
The cornu faces _____ and _____ Lateral and dorsal. ____V____
When L5 has a characteristic of a Sacrum Sacralization
When s1 seperates from s2? Lumberization
Pelvic girdle is fused via the ______________ The acetabulum
Intercrestal line in woman? L5
Intercrestal line in men? L4
Below the arcurate line is the ________ __________. Pelvic surface
Where is the nutrient channel? The illiac fossa
What part of the ischium do we sit on? Ischial tuberosity
Acetabulum faces _________, ________, __________. Lateral, anterior, inferior.
Obtoratorforamen is formed by what two bones? Ischium and pubis
Small, triangular Obtorator foramen in M/F? Female
Large, oval Obtorator foramen in M/F? Males
What occludes most of Obtorator foramen? Obturator membrane
Obtorator nerve = L2-4
Apophyses lack independent centers of osstification? Epiphysis
Ossification starts at _______ and ends at ______ Asis -----> psis
Ossification 14-15 yrs old for m/f? Females
Ossification 16-17yrs oldfor m/f? Males
Wolfs law: more stress? Less stress? More bone. Less bone.
Heuter-Volkman rule? INCREASED STRESS on vertebral epiphyseal growth plate will DECREASE rate of growth.
Male pelvis: top to bottom? Side to side? Taller and narrower
Womans pelvis: side to side? Top to bottom? Wider and shorter.
Symphysis =? Grown together
Created by: walkingbyfaith09