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OC CH 7 Jefferson

OC CH 7 Test Review -The Jefferson Era

What were Jefferson and the Democratic-Republicans' main ideas? Rule by the people; strong state govt.; agriculture important; strict interpretation of the Constitution; French alliance
What were Adams' and the Federalists' main ideas? rule by wealthy class; strong federal govt.; manufacturing important; loose interpretation of Constitution; British alliance
who ran in the election of 1800? Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) against John Adams (Federalist)
What did John Adams' supporters say about Thomas Jefferson? Jefferson was a pro-French redical who was against organized religion and would try to destroy the federal government
What did Thomas Jefferson's supporters say about John Adams? Adams would take away rights and try to crown himself king
How did things go when Jefferson became the new president and Adams had to step down? It was a peaceful transition from one party to another
What was the main message of Jefferson's inaugural address? Democratic-Republicans and Federalists should unite
What was the significance of Marbury v. Madison? It was the Supreme Court case that established the concept of judicial review and made the judicial branch equal to the other two branches
What was the significance of the Louisiana Purchase? It roughly doubled the size of the U.S.
Why was the Mississippi River important to American settlers? They used it to transport their products to sell
Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana territory to the U.S.? He needed money to fund his war with Britain
What was the purpose of the Lewis and Clark expedition? To explore the Northwest and to hopefully find a river route to the Pacific Ocean (Northwest Passage)
What were some key events of Lewis and Clark's journey? They did not find a river route to the Pacific, but they make it across the Rockies and learned about the people, nature, and geography of the Louisiana territory
what did Zebulon Pike do? Explored and reported on the Southwest
How did the U.S. get involved in the war between Britain and France? The British and french captured U.S. ships trying to trade with both countries, searching for war supplies
What was the Embargo Act? An act that banned U.S. trade with all foreign countries
Why did the Embargo Act fail? It caused American merchants to lose money and didn't really effect Britain and France
Who was Tecumseh and what did he do? A Shawnee chief who called for the Native Americans to unite against the settlers because he said the white man had no right to their lands because the Indians had it first
What country did the U.S. suspect was helping the Native Americans? Britain
Who were the War Hawks? Members of Congress who called for a war against Britain
Who was president during the War of 1812? James Madison
What were the main reasons the U.S. went to war with Britain? The British were impressing U.S. citizens, they were encouraging the Native Americans to attack settlers, and they were putting restrictions on trade that was hurting U.S farmers and planters
Why was the smaller U.S. navy able to defeat the powerful British navy? the British navy was more spread out, fighting two wars
What were the effects of the War of 1812? Americans were more patriotic; they felt like the U.S. would survive; it caused an increase in American manufacturing
What was the Treaty of Ghent? The treaty that ended the War of 1812
What was the Treaty of Fort Jackson? A treaty that forced Native Americans to give up 23 million acres of their land
What was the Hartford Convention? A meeting of Federalists to express their opposition to the war against Britain
What happened in 1814 that helped strengthen the British military? They beat the French and sent the extra troops over to fight against the Americans
What was the first U.S. city the British attacked after they beat the French and sent more troops over to fight the Americans? Washington, D.C.
Who was Andrew Jackson? A War of 1812 general who was a hero after winning the Battle of New Orleans
What is "impressment"? A major violation of U.S. neutrality in which British stopped U.S. ships and seized U.S. sailors
What was U.S. "neutrality"? The U.S. would not take sides in other countries' conflicts
Who wanted to give Britain another powerful enemy (besides his own country)? Napoleon, leader of France
What were the first things Jefferson did when he became president? reduced government spending, lowered taxes, reduced the size of the military
Why didn't the Federalists at the Hartford Convention know that the war was already over when they were still meeting to protest it? Communication was very slow in the 1800s, and they hadn't gotten the word that a treaty has been agreed upon!
Why were the New England Federalists against going to war against Britain? They needed to trade with Britain to keep their businesses going
Why did the War Hawks want to go to war against Britain? wanted to stop the British from helping the Indians and wanted to make it easier for Americans to settle in new territory
What is "judicial review"? the power of the judicial branch to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional
Who were the first four presidents, in order? Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison
What was significant about the Election of 1800? It was the first time one political party replaced another
Who is John Marshall and what did he do? He was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who helped establish the concept of judicial review
What was Jefferson's major achievement as president? The Louisiana Purchase
What was the purpose of political cartoons about the Embargo Act and other events? To show people's opinions about events or issues
What is the U.S. national anthem and who wrote it? "The Star-Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key
What was significant about the Battle of New Orleans? General Andrew Jackson and his forces of soldiers, free African Americans, and Choctaw Indians defeated the British, and Jackson emreged as a war hero
Created by: enid.robert
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