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Unit 2 - The Acnient World Chapter 5 - Greek Civilization

Macedonia was a powerful kingdom that lay north of Greece
Philip II In 359 B.C., ------ rose to the throne in Macedonia
Persian Philip II needed to unite Greece with Macedonia to defeat the ----- Empire
army After training a vast ----, Phillip began taking over the Greek city-states
Demosthenes a lawyer named ---- tried to warn the Athenians about Philip, but it was too late
defeated the Macedonians ---- the Greeks at the Battle of Chaeronea
Greece after this battle, Philip controlled all of ---
Alexander in 323 B.C. Alexander planned to invade southern Arabia, but he became ill and died
What led to the Athenians' defeat? The Greek city-states had been weakened in the Peloponnesian War, and their population had declinded. many farms had been destroyed during the war, and young people had now way to earn a living, so they left Greece to joing the Persian army.
Alexander the Great became king of Macedonia after his fater, Philip died.
conquest Alexander began his ---- of the Persian Empire in 334 B.C. with the Battle of Granicus
destroyed Alexander's forces ---- the Persian forces
Issus a year later, Alexander defeated the Persian army at ---- and freed the Greek cities in Asia Minor
Syria Alexander then captured --- and Egypt
Alexandria Alexander built the city of ----- as the center of business
important it became one of the most ----cities in the acnient world
Iran It became one of the most ----- cities in the ancient world
Iran Alexander continued his conquest of the Persian Empire by fighting in modern Pakistan, India, and -----
Arabia in 323 B.C., Alexander planned to invade southern ----, but he became ill and died
legacy a ---- is what a person leaves behind when he or she dies
skill Alexander's legacy is his ----- and daring
What led to teh Athenians' defeat? The Greek city-states had been weakended in the Pholphisean War and their population had declined. Many frms had been destroyed during the war and young people had no way to earn a living so they had left Greece to join the Persian Army
spread During the time of the Helenistic Era, Greek language and ideas ---- to non Greek areas of southwest Asia
Helenistic Era Alexander's conquests marked the beginning of the ---- ----
power After Alexander's death, his generals fought for -----, and Alexander's empire ended
4 --- kingdoms emerged after Alexander's empire ended
language government business in the 4 kingdoms was conducted in the Greek -----
Greek people who did not speak ----- could not hold govrenment jobs which helped the Greeks maintain control
artichets new cities were created in the Hellenistic Era and these cities needed ----- , engineers, and philosophers
culture the rulers of the four kingdoms sent Greek colonists to southwest Asia to help build the cities. In this way, Greek ----- spead.
light house the ----- ------ of Alexandria was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A fire in its tall tower guided ships into harbor
How did Alexander show his courage? Alexander rode into battle ahead of his men and he often risked his own life. He once refused water becasue there wasn't enough for all of his soliders to have a drink.
How did Philip II of Macedonia feel about the Greeks He admired everything about the Greeks, including their art, ideas, and military
What ended Alexandre's conquest of India? His troops grew tired of fighting and refused to go further.
Why was Alexander a good leader? his bravery inspired his troops
How many continents did Alexander's empire reach? 3 - Europe, Afric, and Asia
Alexandria Philosophers, poets, scientists and writers moved to the new Greek cities in southwest Asia, particularyly ---- , during the Hellenistice Era
Greek Hellenistics kings wanted to make their cities like those in Greece, so they hired
literture the writers of Hellenistic Era produced a large body of ----- . Sadly, very little of this writing has been saved.
epic one of the works we know about is an ---- poem by Appolonius of Rhodes
Jason; ram Appolonius wrote Argonautica which tells the legend of ----- and his band of heroes; they sail the seas in search of a ---- with golden fleece
nature Theocritus wrote short poems about the beauty of -----
love Athenians still created plays, but the plays of the Hellenistic Era were about --- and relationships
Why were the cities of southwest Asia lands of opportunity for artisians, scientists, philosophers, and writers? The rulers of these cities wanted them to be like the cultral centers of Greece to achieve that goal. The rulers needed the services of Artians, scientists, philosophers, and writers
philosophers During the Hellenistic Era, Athens continued to attract the most famous ----- in the Greek world
Zeno the 2 most important philosophers were Epicurus and -----
Epicureamism Epicurus, the founder of ------ taught that happiness through the pursuit of pleasure was the goal of life
food today, the word epicurean means the love of physical pleasure, such as good ---- or comfortable surroundings
sotoicism was developed by a Phoenician named Zeno
reason this philosophy taught that happiness comes from ---- not emotions
joy today the word stoic is used to describe someone who is not affected by ---- or grief
Created by: lyncall
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