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U.S. History Ch.10

impressments the practice of forcing people into military service
democratic ensuring that all people have the same rights
laissez faire an idea that the government should play as small a role as possible in economic affairs
Louisiana Purchase A vast territory between The Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains that was purchased from France in 1803
judicial review The power of the Supreme Court to decide whether acts of a president's laws passed by Congress are unconstitutional
Jefferson's style of presidency quiet, secretive, casual, greeted guests in slippers, shook hands instead of bowing, ended formal state dinners, hosted supper parties instead
Marbury vs. Madison An introduced judicial review
Mississippi River and Western Farmers The Mississippi River was important to western farmers because they shipped wheat and can on this river
Pinckney Treaty Spain allowed Americans to ship their goods along the Mississippi River.
Napolean The French leader who sold the Louisiana Territory to the United States in 1803
Louisiana Purchase gave control of: Port of New Orleans Mississippi River Natural Resources
Lewis and Clark In May of 1804, they begin an expedition to find a water route to the west and map uncharted territory in the Louisiana Purchase
Sacajawea A Native American Shoshone girl who accompanied Lewis & Clark as a guide and translator
War of Tripoli U.S. went to war when pirates boarded U.S. ships, took crew to prison and impressed into their military
Why did France & Britain attack U.S. ships For impressments because they needed more men in the military
What foreign policy goal did Washington, Adams and Jefferson have in common? They sought to avoid war
Which act was unpopular in the U.S. because it forbade Americans to export or import any goods The Embargo Act of 1807
Nonintercourse Acts 1809 It allowed Americans to carry on trade with all nations except Britain and France
War Hawks The nickname for members of Congress who wanted war with Britain
Causes of War of 1812 1. British attempts to restrict US trade 2. Royal Navy's impressment of US sailors 3. US desire to expand its territory
Dolly Madison Saved valuable papers when the British burned Washington DC
Francis Scott Key Wrote a poem about the bombing of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812
National Anthem Francis Scott Key's poem
General Andrew Jackson Led the Americans in the Battle of New Orleans
Hartford Convention Secret meeting of Federalists from CT, RI, MA, NH and VT in Hartford, Connecticut in opposition of President James Madison's policies and war. It ended the Federalists political party.
Treaty of Ghent Ended the War of 1812, signed in Ghent Belgium
Results of War of 1812 Resulted in a tie Neither side gained territory Gave Americans pride in their military US gained international respect English influence in the Northwest Territory ended
Presidents 5-10 5. James Monroe 6. John Quincy Adams 7. Andrew Jackson 8. Martin Van Buren 9. William Henry Harrison 10. John Tyler
Created by: kaos07