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study for End of Coarse exam

Black Tuesday 10% of the market disappears in 1 day; by November, 1/3 disappears; lead to the Great Depression
Bull Market when the stock market is gaining in positive, people make it
Bear Market when the stock market is declining in negative, people can't make it
buying on margin when a person bought $1000 worth of stock with $100 bought from a stockbroker
installment plan people made payments on goods; caused banks
Dust Bowl a drought doing with overproductiuon of wheat depletion soil that lead to a huge storm, stripping top soil from the Great Plains
bank holidays closed the banks so that people couldn't withdraw money
speculation boom people bought stock on margin and cars on installment entire country's economy; inflation all came crashing down
New Deal Franklin Roosevelt's plan to make the U.S. economy better focused on banking forming relief programs
Agricultural Adjustment Act paid farmers not to produce certain goods, livestock and crops so that the prices would go up
Civilian Conservation Corps men aged 18 to 25 could get jobs planting trade lines, building dams and reservations
National Recovery Administration regulated business by setting the minimum wage, prices, etc.
deficit spending when the goverment spends more money than it takes in taxes
Wagner Act allowed workers to unionize and strike for wages and benefits
Tennessee Valley Authority navigation, flood control, electricity, fertilizing manufacturing, and economic development in the Tennessee Valley
Workers Progress Administration employed millions of the unemployed to carry out public works projects; renamed Work Projects Administration in 1939; lasted from 1935 to 1943
social security concept that enshrined in Article 22 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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