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Esposito 8th McKeel

The Declaration of Independence

What is the definition of independence? no longer under the control of another country; freedom; no longer dependent upon another
What is it when a government can be over thrown for not protecting the rights of its people? Natural rights
What happened to all of the cannons gathered by the continental army? They were aimed at the heart of Boston
In which battle did the Americans run out of gun powder? Battle of Bunker Hill
What is this argument from?: "The colonies do not owe anything to Britain." Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
Whose quote is this?: “We must hang together. Or most assuredly we shall be hung separately”? Benjamin Franklin
What are the two hills called that the colonists built near Boston? Breed’s Hill and Bunker Hill
What is this argument from?: “Loyalists are hurting the economy.” Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
What is it when a government rules with the consent of its people? Natural rights
What is it when the people can form a new government in place of an ineffective one? Natural rights
Which colony did not vote for independence? New York
By signing the Declaration of Independence the delegates are committing what? Treason
Who is nominated to lead the Continental Army? George Washington
What is the definition of petitions? Formal, written request; to make a formal demand; in reaction to “injustices”
What is it known as when a government is formed to protect the rights of its people? Natural rights
When numbers grew, the New England militias became known as what? The New England Army
Where is this quote from? The King is “unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” Declaration of Independence
What rumor did George Washington start after the Battle of Bunker Hill? That the colonists had more supplies than they knew what to do with
Whose task was it to gather up all cannons, “big guns”, etc? Henry Knox
What is the definition of a traitor? Person guilty of disloyalty to their government or the crime of treason; example: spy
What two options did the colonists have after the battles of Lexington and Concord? Declare independence or keep boycotting and protesting
What is this argument from?: Colonies deserve independence to secure its future. Thomas Paine’s Common Sense
Who is selected to write the declaration? (along with a committee) Thomas Jefferson
Who left with the British troops from Boston after the Americans seized it? Loyalists
What was the date independence was voted on through the Continental Congress? July 2, 1776
Whose idea was it to combine all of the colonial militias? John Adams
What was the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed? July 4, 1776
Created by: pjespo