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social studies frontier ohio

Who explored the ohio frontier in the 1600's? Champlain and LaSalle
When did Champlain and LaSalle explore the Ohio Frontier? 1600's
Where did Champlain and LaSalle eplore in the 1600's? Ohio Territory
Who hired Gist to survey the Ohio territory? The British
When was Gist hired to survey the ohio territory? 1748
What was Gist hired to do in 1748 Survey the Ohio territory
When was the French and Indian war? 1754-1763
What happened from 1754 to 1760 French and Indian War
1763 King George III made what? Proclamation of 1763
What did the Proclamation of 1763 say? Colonists couldn't live West of the Appalachian Mountains.
Why did King George make the Proclamation of 1763? To keep the Indians happy so fur trading would continue.
When was the Declaration of Indepedence 1776
When was the Land Ordinance? 1785
What did the land ordinance do? split the laNDland into townships
What did the Northwest Ordinance do? Set up the government for the Northwest territory
Whenw was the Northwest ordinance? 1787
When was St. Clair defeated? 1791
When was the Battle of the Fallen Timbers? 1794
when was the treaty of greenville signed? 1795
President Jefferesnon signed the nabling act when? 1802
When did Ohio become a state? 1803
What number state is Ohio? 17th
Why were the Indians upset about the British settlers Their land was being sold and settled to the brittish
what was pontiacs rebellion? Ohawa chief brought tribes together to fight the British
How was Pontiac's Rebellion ended? British sent soldiers and stopped it.
What does rebellion mean? A fight against the government.
Did the Proclamation of 1763 work? No, because colonists weren't happy, and crossed the boundaries.
Where was the Indian's Land according to the Proclamation of 1763? West o Appalachian Mountains
Fill in the blank: The Brittish ___________ buying wine form the French Boycotted
Fill in the blank:The American's went into a _____________ against the British to get their freedom. Revolution
Fill in the blank: Thomas Jefferson wrote the __________________ of Independence Declaration
Fill in the blank: The American colonists wanted ____________ from Britain. Independence
Neutral means? Not taking sides in a conflict
Boycott means? refusing to buy or use something
Revolution means? to force a government
Declaration writting things you believe in
Independence Freedom from the rule of someone else
What was the big difference between the Land Ordinance and the Northwest Ordinance? The Land Ordianance surveyed and divided the land, the Northwest Ordinance set up the government for the territory
When was the treaty of Greenville? 1795
What did the Greenville treaty do? divided ohio country up
what part of Ohio did the Natives get? Land in Northwest
What part of ohio did the settlers get? Land in the South and East
Who was involved in the Treaty of Greenville? General Anthony Wayne, Blue Jacket and Little Turtle
Did the Treaty of Greenville work? No, becuase people on both sides kept crossing the boundary
What was tecumseh trying to do? Tecumseh tried to stop western settlement
Whe was Tecumseh Shawnee chief what formed a confederation with other Indians
The Americans and Brittain disagreed over shippind and trade on the waters
Tecumseh's Confederation joined which side? Brittish
Why did Tecumseh join the Brittish Figured he could stop the settlers that way
Oliver Hazard Perry Battle of Lake Erie
William Hentry Harrison Battle of the Thames
Where was Tecumseh killed? Battle of the Thames
Who won the War of 1812? No one
How long was the War of 1812? 2 years
What treaty ended the war of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
Did the Brittish continue to help the Indians? NO, they stopped after the war.
Created by: slhanlon