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Modern History H150

First Test

Define Classical Liberals Someone who wants gradual change and believes in progress of individual in society.
Define Classical Conservatives Someone who wants to keep the economy as it is. "Don't address a subject if it might have a problem fix it ONLY if it is a problem.
Define Radicals "Extreme", wants immedient change
Define Reactionary Someone who wants to go back to an earlier time
Define Socialist Anyone who desires widespread social political economic change, focused primarily on working class people, opposed Capitalism
Define Communists "Radical Socialist", violent and extreme, hates capitalism but are out to destroy middle class
Define Capitalism Investing capital to make a profit
What did Adam Smith believe about how the economy worked? Natural laws are unchangeable, world's economy works the same way
What is the Law of Supply and Demand state? If Demand increases and Supply decreses then the price will increase
What was Adam Smith's thoughts on Supply and Demand? That supply and demand will eventually balance if you leave it alone and do not interfere
Define Laissez-Fair "Leave it be", no government interference
What did Adam Smith believe about Free Trade Government should allow businesses to trade with each other; there should be less restrictions on business
Mutual Advantage Two or more businesses trading with each other
Thomas Malthus Studied population in Britain, wrote an essay about it
What did Thomas Malthus learn while studying Britain's population problem? That Britain's food increased slower than their population
What was Thomas Malthus' solution to the population problem in Britain? That Britain's middle class should not get married until later thus not as many kids to overpopulate
Who viewed the individual more important than the society? Liberals
Who viewed society more important than the individual? Socialists
Who believed that the government should protect the individual with the opportunity to progress and improve themselves (Freedom of Choice), and the governments duty was to provide the opportunity for us. John Stuart Mill
What did Socialists think caused the boom and bust system? Capitalism
What "ism" focuses on collective welfare of the people? Socialism
What "ism" focuses on the working class? Socialism
What "ism" wanted public ownership, and by the public they mean the people and the government represents the people Socialism
What is a Utopian A perfect society
Who is the father of Communism? Karl Marx
What does Imperialism mean? "Creating an Empire"
What does Neo mean? "New or recent"
Who was the First Opium war against? Britain and China
Why did the First Opium War begin? Because Britain was selling Opium to China and the Chineese Emporer didn't like this because the people were high during their jobs and didn't work hard.
Define White Man's Burden "It's our obligation to go out and raise up the others that are different culturally so they aren't savages." Christian view.
Define Nationalism Being in control of other nations
What was the Treaty of Nanking and who was it between? An agreement between China and Britain
What did the Treaty of Nanking do? It ended the the opium war
What was the T'ai Ping revolt supposed to do and who won? It was supposed to drive Westerners out of China but it failed and Britain won.
Created by: turtlefan1818
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