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6th grade civil war

Name three causes of the civil war Slavery , Abraham Lincoln gets elected president , taxes on goods
Name one strength of the North They had factories , money , trained soldiers
Name one strength of the South They knew there land better , they were defending there own land
Name the eleven confederate states Virginia ,Tennessee , North and South Carolina , Mississippi ,Alabama , Georgia , Texas , Arkansas , Louisiana
Nickname for the Confederate soldiers Rebels
Nickname for the Union soldiers Yankees
Where and when did the civil war begin FT. Sumter , South Carolina , April 12 , 1861
Where was the capital of the United States of America Washington D. C.
Where was the capital of Confederate States of America 1st Montgomery ,Al and 2nd Richmond , Virginia
Name one difference in the constitution of the United States of America and confederate States of America U can own slaves , presidents could only serve 1 term 6 years
What was the 1st state to secede South Carolina
Harriot B. Stowe Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin about slavery
John Brown Abolitionists who led a raid at Harper's Ferry
Abraham Lincoln President of the USA
Jefferson Davis President of the CSA
Robert E. Lee General for Confederates for the South
Ulysses S. Grant General for Union for the North
Stonewall Jackson Stood like a stone wall , General for the CSA , very brave
Farragut A union navy officer who won at the battle New Orleans
Sherman A union general who destroyed Atlanta and Savanna
Pickett A confederate general who led the march at Gettysburg
Bull Run The first official battle of the civil war
Pittsburg Landing Was fought near a church
Antietam Bloodiest day of the civil war
Vicksburg The union cut off the confederate supplies
Gettysburg Turning point of the war
What was the purpose of the emancipation proclamation and when it was written Abe Lincoln said slaves in the South should be free and it was in 1862
When was the Gettysburg Address given and by whom Abe Lincoln wrote it in 1863
Describe how the civil war ended At Vicksburg , Grant's army cut off the CSA's supply and had to Surrender . 2 years later , Lee's army was too small and he had To surrender to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse , April 9,1865
Created by: Apple12
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