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SS Ch. 7 Review

Who/what did Parliament have power over? elected colonial legislatures
How much power did states have at first? limited
What document protected peoples' individual rights in several states? Bill of Rights
At first, which two branches were missing? executive and judicial
How many states was one vote needed from for Congress to pass laws? nine
What branch had power limited to making laws, declaring war, coining or borrowing money, and running the postal service? legislative
What document established rules for settling new lands and creating new states? Northwest Ordinance of 1787
The national government couldn't do what four things under the Articles? regulate trade, collect taxes, protect land from foreign occupation, stop public unrest (Shays' Rebellion)
What did convention delegates vote to do so they could debate without public pressure? hold discussions in secret
Which plan called for a government with three branches and to separate Congress into two houses, and who was it authored by? Virginia Plan, James Madison
How many people eventually was decided to lead the executive branch? one
plan that called for electing representatives to both houses according to population Virginia Plan
plan that gave each state equal votes, regardless of population, and equal representation by the Senate New Jersey Plan
What man suggested The Great Compromise? Roger Sherman
What was the purpose of the Preamble and who wrote it? to show that the Constitution derived its authority from the people, Governor Morris
Were John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton Federalists or Antifederalists? Federalists
Were Patrick Henry and George Mason Federalists or Antifederalists? Antifederalists
What state was so large and powerful that it could have caused a domino effect if it rejected the Constitution? Virginia
Created by: scratchthat2009