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Review for p. 311-31

Information to review for quiz on p. 311-315

In December of 1773 members of the Sons of Liberty dump tea into Boston Harbor. This is event was called... The Boston Tea Party
Where did the First Continental Congress meet in September of 1774? Philadelphia
Where did John Hancock and Sam Adams hide from the British redcoats? Lexington
In Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", what does he call the first shot fired in the battle of Lexington? "The shot heard round the world"
Which British general was put in charge of making sure the Massachusetts legislature didn't meet? Thomas Gage
to force coerce
a signed request petition
an army of citizens militia
What was another name for the Coercive Acts? The Intolerable Acts
to stop something from entering or leaving blockade
a sudden and complete change in government revolution
Where were weapons being hidden that General Gage wanted to take? Concord
Paul Revere had two lanterns hung in what church to signal how the British were coming to Lexington? The Old North Church
What river did the British cross to get to Lexington? Charles River
to give food and housing to a soldier quarter
complete control over a good or service monopoly
Created by: andreamalloy