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WWI Test Review

Review WW1 for Unit Test

What was the spark that ignited the war in Europe? Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by a Serbian nationalist.
What was the U.S. position at the outbreak of war? Neutral
What is nationalism and what did it have to do with World War I? strong feelings about your country. Cause of war – many groups wanted to form their own nations.
Who were the 4 members of the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria
Who were the Allies? Great Britain, France, Russia (U.S. added later)
What were the causes of the U.S. entering the war? 1) Sinking of Lusitania – “Unrestricted submarine warfare” 2) Russian Revolution – Russia withdraws from the war 3) Zimmerman Telegram
What was the IMMEDIATE cause of the U.S. entering the war? The Zimmerman Telegram
What is Propaganda? posters, pamphlets, songs and movies that tried to influence peoples’ actions (ex: Uncle Sam’s “I Want You” poster)
What was the War Industries Board and what did it do? set up by President Wilson to manage the buying & selling of war materials. Also set prices on war materials.
What was the Great Migration? southern African-Americans migrated north to work in factories since soldiers went off to war & laborers were needed.
What was the Selective Service Act? “Draft” – a type of lottery to get more troops – men 21-30 had to register & if selected had to join military. Increased size of our military.
What effect did the War have on the American Economy? Caused an economic boom (improved our economy)
What was the Russian Revolution and how did it impact the war? Czar Nicolas is overthrown by Communists, & Russia withdraws from the war.
What were Liberty Bonds? people bought these to help support war effort. Raises $ for the war.
What was the significance of World War I planes? fighter planes 1st used but were clumsy and bombs were too small to do much damage.
What was the Espionage Act? made it illegal to criticize war. Set prison sentences and fines for those who criticized the war.
What was the turning point of WWI? 2nd battle of the Marne. Allies cut off German supply lines and pushed them back.
What is a Convoy system and how did it help the Allies? heavy guard of destroyers escorted merchant ships across Atlantic in groups to protect them.
What other things did propaganda posters encourage Americans to do? 1) enlist in military 2) conserve food, supplies & energy 3) buy Liberty Bonds
Wilson’s 14 Points – What was it for? Why did Europe not like it? Wilson’s 14 Points was a plan for peace after WWI. European leaders thought it wasn’t harsh enough on Germany
What did the Treaty of Versailles call for? Wanted Germany to: 1) pay reparations (damages) 2) reduce military 3) lose land 4) admit guilt & accept full responsibility for the war.
What was the League of Nations and why did Americans reject it? An organization used to settle conflicts through negotiations. -Americans rejected it because the U.S. did not want to promise to keep other nations safe.
Why did the end of WWI eventually lead to WWII? -Germany resented the Treaty of Versailles -US refused to sign treaty (we felt it was too harsh) or join League of Nations, which weakened the Treaty.
What are Reparations? “war damages” - forced Germany to pay for war damages (Versailles Treaty)
Why did Britain, France and Italy oppose Wilson’s 14 Points? They felt it was too “nice” – wanted Germany to admit defeat & pay for war – wanted them to suffer.
What were new nations created AFTER WWI? Latvia Austria Finland Estonia Hungary Czechoslovakia Lithuania Yugoslavia Poland
What did Russia change its name to? U.S.S.R (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) or “Soviet Union”
Who was John J. Pershing U.S. General who led American Expeditionary Force in WWI
Who was Alvin York? tried to avoid the Draft. Ended up attacking Germans and capturing 132 enemy soldiers in Meuse-Argonne Forest BY HIMSELF!!!!!!
Created by: chetjenn
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