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Key Terms Institutio

Key Terms: Institutions

Cloture Senate motions to end a filibuster that requires a 3/5 vote.
Constituents the people who are represented by elected officials.
Executive Order presidential rule or regulation that has the force of law.
Filibuster nonstop Senate debate that prevents a bill from coming to a vote.
Hold Senate maneuver that allows a Senator to stop or delay consideration of a bill or presidential appointment.
Impoundment refusal of a President to spend money that has been appropriated by Congress.
Injunction court order that forbids a party from performing a certain actions.
Judicial activism philosophy that the courts should take an active role in solving problems.
Judicial restraint philosophy that the courts should defer to elected lawmakers in setting policy, and should instead focus on interpreting law rather than making law.
Line item veto power of most governors to delete or reduce funding in a bill on a line by line basis.
Mark up committee action to amend a proposed bill.
Pocket veto presidential killing of a bill by inaction after Congress adjourns.
Quorum minimum number of members needed for the House or Senate to meet.
Remand the Supreme Court's sending of a case back to the original court in which it was heard.
Stare decisis Latin for "let the decision stand." Supreme Court policy of following precedent in deciding cases.
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