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SS Midterm


colony in North America run by the king royal colony
wanted to make the Anglican Church more pure Puritans
colony established by a group of settlers who had been given a formal document allowing them to settle charter colony
Separatists on a religious journey pilgrims
criticizing church officials heresy
landowner who ruled their estate like tiny a king/food patron
blue gold indigo
colony that was run like a business proprietary colony
society of friends and pacifists Quaker
the Lost Colony and founded by Sir Walter Raleigh Roanoke
large fleet armada
pirates sea dogs
farm crop raised to be sold for money cash crop
a region of flat, low-lying plains along the seacoast Tidewater
a region of hills and forests west of the Tidewater Backcountry
run plantations and are cruel to slaves overseers
the theory that a state's or nation's power depended on its wealth mercantilism
American colonists who were determined to fight the British until American independence was won Patriot
American colonists who remained obedient to Britain and opposed the war for independence Loyalist/Tori
trading illegally with other nations smuggling
companies of civilian soldiers who boasted that they were ready to fight on a moment's notice minutemen
a formal request with signatures resolution
led by Samuel Adams, led street demonstrations, burned effigies, and ransacked homes of royal officials Sons of Liberty
speak out against leaders and weaken established government sedition
dominate especially be force and intimidation coercive
seriously important earnest
incoming money revenue
person that doesn't fight and is opposed to war and violence Pacifist
gunpowder or explosives ammunition
to cancel an act or law repeal
person who works land owned by another and pays rent either in cash or crops tenant farmer
assistant who is assigned to learn the trade of a skilled craftsman apprentice
religious settlement missions
person or county that owes money debtor
information used to influence people's opinions propaganda
boys, dockworkers, and drunks throw things at the British and in the confusion someone yelled fire and 5 colonists were killed The Boston Massacre
nicknames for the British Regulars, Redcoats, Lobster Backs, and Bloody Backs
safe place for storing ammunition powder house
a group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies militia
a secret storage place cache
refuse to buy boycott
rag figures effigies
take away, remove deprive
take possession of seize
take away weapons disarm
Created by: madison.heaton