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Civics Ch 7

Jones' Civics Ch 7

Which branch of the government does the President head? Executive Branch
What are the 3 legal requirements for becoming president or vice president? must be born a citizen, must live in the US for 14 years, must be at least 35 years old
Who was the 1st Catholic President? John F. Kennedy
Who was the 1st female vice-presidential candidate? Geraldine Ferarro
Who was the first Jewish vice-presidential candidate? Joe Lieberman
How often do presidential elections take place? every 4 years
What does the 22nd amendment do? limits the President to 10 years or 2 elected terms
Which President was elected 4 times? Franklin D. Roosevelt
What is the President's salary? $400,000
Where does the President live and work? White House
What is the name of the President's jet? Air Force One
How many votes do you have to win in order to become President? 270
What are the only Constitutional rights given to the Vice-President? presides over the Senate and votes if the Senate has a tie
How many Presidents have died in office? 8
What is the name of the 1947 Act that lists those in line to be president after the vice-president? Presidential Succession Act
Which amendment allows the president to choose a new vice-president if something happens to the original vice-president? 25th
What speech does the Constitution require the President to give to Congress every year? State of the Union
How many cabinets is the President in charge of? 15
What is the name of the rules/commands that the President can issue? Executive Order
Which president issued the 1948 Executive Order to integrate the armed forces? Truman
Who can declare war? Congress
Who can order troops into battle? President
What are 4 of the powers of the President? veto bills passed in Congress, call Congress into special session, serve as commander in chief, receive leaders/officials from foreign countries
What are the other 3 powers of the President? make treaties with other countries, appoint heads of executive agencies, federal judges, ambassadors, & other top government officials, pardon or reduce penalties against people convicted of federal crimes
Why is the President the Commander in Chief? He is in charge of the armed forces. He can send troops into battle or use the armed forces to back up foreign policies.
Which offices serve on the National Security Council (NSC)? Vice-President, secretaries of state & defense, chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, commanders of the armed forces
Who/what is supervised by the NSC? Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Created by: sjbaragona