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Hist Ch 17 Test Rev

8th grade History Chapter 13 Test Review

At first, who gained control of Oregon? The US
Why did proponents of slavery protest the admittance of Texas into the Union? They feared that Texas would be divided into lots of slave states
Why did the Mormons have difficulty settling in one area? Controversial Religious beliefs/ they were deeply offensive to most Americans
In a sense, what did the Mexican War serve as? Civil War
What Compromise did Stephen Douglas help to pass? Compromise of 1850
Did the Americans who moved into Texas while it was under Mexican control quickly adapt? No
Who were usually the first white men to arrive in a western area? Trappers and traders
Who claimed, "All of Oregon, All of Texas"? James K. Polk
When did the Spanish set up missions along the coast of California? before America could claim it
Who were the first American missionaries to seek permanent homes in Oregon? Methods
Who led the "Bear Flag Revolution"? John Charles Fre'mont
Who was responsible for starting the California gold rush? James W. Marshall
Who was the Doughface Democrat who was elected president in 1852? Pierce
What mountain man located the most useful pass known as South Pass? Jedediah Smith
Who is credited with moving the Mormons out of the US and into the Great Salt Lake? Brigham Young
What is known as the area Mexico gave up at the end of the Mexican War? Mexican Cession
The remembrance of what stirred Sam Houston and his army to victory? The Alamo
What was carried out by "Old Rough and Ready" and "Old Fuss and Feathers"? Mexican War
What resulted in the capture of Santa Anna? The Battle of San Jacinto
What completed the acquisition of territory for the forty-eight contiguous United States? Gaesdan purchase
The principle of allowing the people in the territories to decide whether they wished to allow slavery was called what? Popular sovereignty
What major territory did the Bear Flag Revolution bring into American hands? California
What American general gained great popularity and success during the Mexican War? Zachary Taylor
What two nations claimed the Oregon Territory before 1846? Great Britain & US
What group was responsible for settling much of the Great Basin area of the West? Morman
Who was the Mexican president who opposed Texan Independence? Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
At the time of the outbreak of the Mexican War, what did Americans believe to be the border between Texas and Mexico? Rio Grande
What was the name of the agreement that ended the Mexican War? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What name was given to Northern Democrats who were willing to compromise on the political problems of the 1850s? Doughfaces
Who succeded to the presidency when Zachary Taylor died while in office? Millard Fillmore
What was the building of Sutter's Fort most closely related to? The Start of the California Goldrush
Who was the president most closely associated with Manifest Destiny? James K. Polk
Put the following events in order: 1-the Fall of the Alamo 2-Stephen Austin led settlers to Texas 3-the Battle of San Jacinto 4-Zachary Taylor became the hero of Bueno Vista 2, 1, 4, 3
What were the reasons people moved to the West during the early 1800s? Desire to work in factories?
What did the Compromise of 1850 do? Not admit Texas into the Union?
What route was rediscovered by Jedediah Smith and was the most important trail to the West? Oregon Trail
Which route was used more by traders than by settlers moving to new homes? Santa Fe Trail
What was Texas before it was annexed by the U.S.? independent country
What would the Wilmot Proviso have done? Advance slavery in any country that came from Mexico?
Who was a missionary in the West? Marcus Whitmen
Created by: bgpalmers