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Civil War SG

The study guide for the civil war history test at Providence Christian School!

What were the causes of the Civil War? Abraham Lincoln was elceted president, states rights, slavery, and diffrent ways of living.
What were the strengths of the north? They had factories, more men, more money, trained army, more guns, and amo.
What were the strengths of the south? They were fighting on their own land and they had Robert E. Lee.
What was the nickname for the Confederate soldiers? The Rebels was their nickname.
What was the nickname for the Union soldiers? The Yankees was their nickname.
Where did the war begin? Fort Sumter, South Carolinia.
When did the war begin? April 18, 1816.
Where was the capital of the United States of America? Washington D.C. was a capital.
Where was the two Conferderate capitals? They were in Richmond, Virginia and Montgomery, Alabama.
What was the differnces in the Constitution of the United States of America and the Constitution of the Confederate States of America? Presidents can serve for 2 terms each term is 4 years for Union, and the Confederate presidents can serve for 1 term that is 6 years.
What was the first state to secede? South Carolinia.
Harriot Beeher Stowe I wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin".
John Brown I was a abolitionist and I was hung for killing people.
Abraham Lincoln I was the president of the United States of America also known as the Union.
Jefferson Davis I was president of the Confederate States of America.
Robert E. Lee I was a general for the Confederate.
Ulysses S. Grant I was a Union general.
"Stonewall" Jackson I was a Confederate general. I got my name by standing like a stonewall in battle.
Farragut I was a Union Navy officer. The battle I am famous for is Mobile Bay, New Orleans.
Sherman I wa the Union general that destroyed Atlanta and Savannah.
Pickett I was a Confederate. I led the charge up Gettysburg.
What were the battles that we learned in order? Bull Run, Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg.
What interesting fact about Bull Run? It was the first offical battle of the Civil War.
What is a interesting fact about Shiloh? This was fought right beside a curch.
What is a interesting fact about Antietam? This was the bloodest day of the Civil War.
What is a interesting fact about Vicksburg? Grant cut off the supplies tothe Confederate in this battle.
What is a interesting fact about Gettysburg? This battle started over shoes.
What was the purpose of the Emancipation Proclamtion and when was it written? To free the slaves in 1862.
When was the Gettysburg Address given and by whom? Written and spoken by Abraham Lincoln in 1862.
How did the Civil War end? What happened at VIcksburg and the Appomattox Courthouse? In Vicksburg Grant's army cut off the supplies to the Confederacy and Pembolten Surrenered. Two years later Lee's army was to small to continue to fight, and he had to surrender to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse on April 9,1865.
Created by: puppyluv87