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Preventing Aggressio

Stopping aggression in sport

How do coaches punish aggressive behaviour? Fines for players, substitute them from the game, pull them away from the situation
NGB's on reinforcing assertive play... Fair play awards to teams and players
How do individuals reduce levels of aggression? Mental rehearsal and Channeled Aggression
How do NGB avoid aggressive situations... By staggering derby matches or playing highly aggressive games at neutral grounds
NGB act on aggressive behaviour by... Fines. Respect Campaigns. Support of the referee's at all time
Reinforcing assertive play by coaches.. Positive reinforcement, rewards for specific things, using them as role models in the future
NGB to reduce levels of arousal/aggression? Educate the refs on how to deal with this. Coach-ref liason throughout the game etc.
How to avoid aggressive situations as a coach? changing the tactics, making a substitue, take responsibility of the team at all times
Players getting punished for aggressive behaviour... Red/Yellow cards or being taken away by teammates from the situation
Created by: userna