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Petey 7-3.4

The Rise Of Industry

Industrialism A system based on the use of machines rather than on animal or human power.
Agricultural Revolution Helped industry take root in Great Brittain.
Enclosure movement When parliament allowed large landowners to fence of common lands.
Textile Woven cloth.
Crop rotation Rotating crops on three fields instead of two.
Domestic system "Cottage industry"
Factory system A method of production that brought machines and workers together in one place.
Urbanization The movement of people from rural areas to cities.
Monopoly Total control of industry.
Zaibatsu The government and industrialists.
Industrial capitalism A system based on the industrial production of goods.
Partnership People who invest money to earn a profit.
Corporation Organizations owned by stockholders who buy shares in a company.
Trade union An association
Strike Refusal to work in order to make factory owners to talk to them
Socialism People who believe that society represented in the form a government should own and control means of production.
Means of production Factories, land, capital, and raw materials.
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