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ch8 study guide

7th grade social studies-ch 8

Etruscans played a major role in Rome's civilization
Aeneas Had a band of followers. Sailed the Mediterranean Sea
Legion small group of soldiers
Appennines mountains that run all the way down the boot from north to south
republic form of government which is led by the people
Roman soldiers were tough and good fighters, as well as __________________ practical problem solvers.
The Romans overthrew the _____________ and set up the republican form of government where people were treated fairly. Tarquins ruler
What were the Etruscans skilled in? metal working
What geographical advantage does the Italian landscape have over the Greek landscape? less rugged mountains
Scippio Roman general who helped with the second Punic War
Patrician Wealthy land owner
Veto reject
Plebian common person
dictator a person who ruled with complete power
Rome fought Carthage in the __________ Wars for control of the Mediterranean region. Punic
Adopted around 451 BC, Rome's first code of law was called the ____________. 12 Tables
The ruling class and top officials of the Roman Republic were the _________. patricians
In 494BC many Roman plebians ____________ to protest for equal rights went on strike
The best-known early Roman dictator of the republic was ________________. Cincinnatus
Actium off the coast Greece (mountain range)
Latifundia large farming estates
Julius Caesar Military Hero -Rome's most famous leader
Cicero greatest public speaker
triumvirate political alliance of 3 people.
The great public speaker Cicero was against __________. dictators
the members of Rome's second Triumvirate were Lepidus, Antony and ___________. Octavius
The ____________________ is a reform of Julius Caesar's that affects us today. 12 month calendar
How was Julius Caesar viewed by Rome's lower classes? Hero
Two prominent brothers, __________ and ____________ worked to bring reforms to the early Republic Tiberius and Gaius
Caligula After Tiberius and before Claudius
Aqueduct Human made channel for carrying water
Pax Romana Roman peace
Currency system of money
Hadrian good emperor
The most important element of Rome's booming economy was __________. agriculture
Emperor Trajan had the Roman Empires' European boundaries set at these two rivers. Rhine and Danube
Emperor Vespasian began construction of this famous Roman sproting site. Collisium
Describe Nero Emperor of Rome who killed his family and is said to have played the fiddle while Rome burned.
Created by: nemery12