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Foy Ch. 14 Test

What woman was a middle-class reformer who helped to improve the living conditions of mentally ill patients nationwide? Dorothea Dix
What woman was born Isabella Baumfree and later took a name that showed her mission in life? Sojourner Truth
What places offered prisoners an education so that they could lead more productive lives upon their release? Houses of Correction
What was the movement of Christian renewal in the 1790s and early 1800s called? Second Great Awakening
Who published Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Women? Sarah Grimke
As a well-known spokesperson for the Anti-Slavery Society, what woman was once referred to as “the first who really stirred the nation’s heart on the subject of women’s wrongs?” Lucy Stone
After experiencing a religious rebirth in 1821, what man left his career as a lawyer and began preaching? Charles Grandison Finney
What term, used in the debate over slavery in America, refers to a person who was in favor of ending the practice? abolitionist
In 1835, what became the first college to accept African Americans? Oberlin
Many immigrants lived in dirty, over-crowded, and unsafe buildings known by which of the following terms? tenements
What society was an abolitionist group whose members called for freedom and equality for African Americans? American Anti-Slavery
The new social class that arose in the mid-1800s that was neither poor nor wealthy was known as which of the following? middle class
What man wanted to stop religious revival meetings from being held in the city of Boston? Lyman Beecher
What man was the publisher of an abolitionist newspaper called The Liberator? William Lloyd Garrison
What was the reform movement that wanted people to limit the use of alcohol called? temperance movement
People in what movement wanted all children taught in a common place, regardless of background? common-school
What woman was an escaped slave who successfully led her family and more than 300 other slaves to freedom in the North? Harriet Tubman
New York finally gave married women control of their money and property because of the efforts of what woman? Susan B. Anthony
What was the first public meeting about women’s rights held in the United States? Seneca Falls Convention
Where did most of the Irish immigrants settle? the Northeast
Where did most of the millions of immigrants that settled in the U.S. in the 19th century come from? Europe
Free African Americans, former slaves, and white abolitionists worked together to form which group that arranged transportation for escaped slaves? Underground Railroad
What was the name for Americans who were against immigration? nativists
What two countries did over 3 million immigrants come to America from in the mid-1800’s? Germany and Ireland
Why did many immigrants flee Ireland in the 1840’s? potato famine
Why did many educated Germans flee their home to come to America? political unrest
Why did many native-born Americans fear losing their jobs to immigrants? They feared the immigrants would work for less pay.
What were the conditions like in the crowded cities after the Industrial Revolution? crime went unpunished, poor public services and fire spread quickly
If you believe that you don’t have to depend on material things to be happy, what philosophy would you believe in? transcendentalism
You are a transcendentalist who wants to leave society and live in a perfect place. What would you call this new place? utopian community
What women wrote the antislavery work, American Slavery As It Is? Angelina and Sarah Grimké
What man escaped slavery and became one of the most important African American leaders of the 1800’s? Frederick Douglass
What former slave traveled around the country preaching the truth about slavery and women’s rights? Sojourner Truth
Who was paid to capture and return any fugitive slaves they found? bounty hunters
What made emancipation of the slaves impossible in the South? racism, fear and economic dependence
What reform movement led women to start fighting for their own rights? abolition movement
What led women’s concerns to become a national issue? Women took an active role in reform and abolition.
What was the purpose of the Declaration of Sentiments? To detail their beliefs about social injustice toward women.
What historical document was the Declaration of Sentiments modeled after? Declaration of Independence
What organization did Elizabeth Cady Stanton found? National Woman Suffrage Association
Created by: lfoy8290
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