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13th- 26th Amendmend

Study of key amendments

13th Amendment Abolished slavery in the United States and in all area govered by the United States
14th Amendment Declares any person born or naturalized in the United States is a citizen, and all citizens are guaranteed equal protection under the law.
15th Amendment Provides that a citizen (men) cannot be denied the right to vote because of race, color or having been a slave.
16th Amendment Gives Congress the power to tax incomes.
17th Amendment Provides for the direct election of Senators by the people of each state.
19th Amendment Gives women the right to vote.
22nd Amendment States that no president may be elected for more than two terms
24th Amendment States that citizens cannot be required to pay a poll tax to vote in federal elections
26th Amendment Lowers the voting age from 21 to 18.
Plessy v. Ferguson A law in Louisianna ordered "separate by equal" accommondations for black and whites on trains. Plessy was arrested for refusing to move from a white railway car. Plessy's lawyer aruged that the law violated the equal protection clause of the 14th Amend.
Jim Crow Laws Based on the ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson "separate but equal" spread throughout the South. Separate eating, riding, education between blacks and whites.
Brown v. B.O.E. Over turned the ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson of "separate but equal" . The Supreme Court ruled that separate educational facilities are by design not equal.
University of California v. Bakke A white man was denied admission to medical school but minorities were saved a spot using quotas. Quota systems are not constitutional.
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