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Foy Ch. 14 Vocab

U.S. citizens who opposed immigration because they were suspicious of immigrants and feared losing jobs to them. nativists
A political organization founded in 1849 by nativists who supported measures making it difficult for foreigners to become citizens and to hold office. Know-Nothing Party
The social and economic level between the wealthy and the poor. middle-class
Poorly built, overcrowded housing where many immigrants lived. tenements
The idea that people could rise above the material things in life; a popular movement among New England writers and thinkers in the mid-1800's. transcendentalism
A period of religious evangelism that began in the 1790's and became widespread in the United States by the 1830's. Second Great Awakening
A social reform effort begun in the mid-1800's to encourage people to drink less alcohol. temperance movement
A social reform effort that began in the mid-1800's and promoted the idea of having all children educated in a common place regardless of social class or background. common-school movement
An end to slavery. abolition
An organization started by William Lloyd Garrison whose members wanted immediate emancipation and racial equality for African Americans. American Anti-Slavery Society
A network of people who helped thousands of enslaved people escape to the North by providing transportation and hiding places. Underground Railroad
The first national women's rights convention in 1848 at which the Declaration of Sentiments was written. Seneca Falls Convention
An 1848 statement written and signed by women's rights supporters at the Seneca Falls Convention; detailed their beliefs about social injustice against women. Declaration of Sentiments
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