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Unit 1, Cha1,civiliz

word History: The Dawn of Civilization Prehistoric- AD 300

What Is Culture? Culture refers to a society knowledge, Art, beliefs, customs and values.
What is Artifacts? Artifacts They are objects that people in the past made or used, such as coins, pottery, and tools.
What is hominid hominid This term refers to humanlike beings that walked upright.
What is paleolithic? paleolithic It is also called the old stone age. It has lasted from around 2.5 million years ago to around 10,000 years ago.
What is the Neolithic era Neolithic era New Stone Age.In Some palces, such as parts of Southwest asia, This period begin as early as 8000 BC and lasted until about 3000 B.C. . In other places, The era begin much later and lasted much longer.
What Is the Neolithic Revolution. Neolithic Revolution They stared to farm
Domestication Domestication the selective growing or breeding of plants and animals to make them more useful to humans.
What is Pastoralists? Pastoralists?nomads who kept herds of livestock on which they depended for most of their food.
What is megaliths? megaliths?huge stones used for burial or religious purposes.
What is Bronze age? Bronze age(3000 BC) the period after the stone age. When people begin to make items out of Bronze.
What is Surplus? Surplus--excess, left over
What is division of labor? division of labor--when certain people do a specific task or typew of work.
What is traditional economy? traditional economy--an economic sytem in which economic descions are made based on customs,beliefs, religon, and habits.
What is Artisans? a complex, organized society Artisans
What is Artisans? skilled craftspeople who makes goods, suchas potteor baskets by hand.Artisans
What is Cultural diffusion? Cultural diffusion--the spreading of culture from one society to another.
Homo habilis Homo habilis--means handy man. africa. 2.4 million years ago. 1/3 of brain. stood straight walked in two legs
homoerectus homoerectus--up right man.. africa. 2.4 million years ago. half the size of human brain now.
homo sapiens homo sapiens-wise man. africa 200,000 years ago. migrated around the world
acquistions acquistions--something that has been obtained or bought
traditional economy traditional economy--people make economic choices based on customs and traditions.
command economy command economy --a central government makes all economic decisions.
market economy market economy--private individuals make economic choices based on comepetition
mixed economy mixed economy --uses a mix ofd traditional, command, and market economy.
Created by: Karina134
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