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U.S. History Ch. 9

inauguration ceremony in which the President officially takes the oath of office
precedent an act or decision that sets the example for others to follow
Cabinet group of officials who head government departments and advise the president
Judiciary Act a 1789 law that created the structure of the Supreme Court and set up a system of district courts and circuit courts for the nation
national debt total amount of money that a government owes to others
bond certificate that promises to repay money loaned plus interest on a certain date
speculator someone who invests in a risky venture in the hope of making a lot of profit
Bank of the United States bank set up in 1791 to hold government deposits, to issue paper money, to pay government bills and to make loans to farmers and businesses
tariff tax on foreign goods brought into a country
Whiskey Rebellion a 1794 protest over a tax on all liquor made and sold in the United States
French Revolution a 1789 rebellion in France that ended the French monarchy for a time
foreign policy actions that a nation takes in relation to other nations
neutral not taking sides in a conflict
Neutrality Proclamation a 1793 statement by President Washington that the United States would not support or aid either France or Britain in their European conflict
Jay's Treaty "A 1795 agreement between Britain and the United States that called for Britain to pay damages for seized American ships and to give up forts it still had in the west, in exchange the United States would repay debts owed to British
merchants" Farewell Address Final official speech of presidents as they leave
office XYZ Affair a 1797 French attempt to bribe the United States by demanding payment before talks could begin on the issue of French seizure of neutral American ships
frigate fast sailing ships with many guns
Alien & Sedition Acts in 1798, Federalists supported laws that permitted the President to expel foreigners, made it harder for immigrants to become citizens, and allow for citizens to be fined or jailed if they criticized the government of officials
sedition stirring up a rebellion against a government
nullify to cancel
Kentucky & Virginia resolutions declarations passed in 1798 & 1799 that claimed that each state has the right to decide whether a federal law is constitutional and to nullify laws deemed unconstitutional within a states' borders
states' rights the right of states to limit the power of the federal government
faction opposing group within a party
unconstitutional not allowed under the constitution
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