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8th grade

The Worlds of the North and South

Eli Whitney From Massachusetts, inventor of the cotton gin.
cotton gin A hand-operated machine that cleans seeds and other unwanted material from cotton.
plantation A large area of privately owned land where crops were grown through the labor of workers, usually slaves, who lived on the land.
King Cotton Cotton is King. By 1860, export of cotton earned more money than all other U.S. exports combined.
Industrial Revolution The dramatic change in economies brought about by the use of machines to do work formerly done by hand. The Industrial Revolution began in England in the late 1700s and spread to America and the rest of Europe.
Tredegar Iron Works Successful southern factory in Richmond, Va. With the use of slave labor this factory made ammunition and weapons for the U.S. army, as well as steam engines, rails and locomotives.
Frances Cabot Lowell Memorized the design of British machines and built the first textile factory in America.
textiles woven fabic made from cotton.
Lowell Girls Young farmwomen hired to earn cash wages in the textile factories.
Cyrus McCormick Virginia farmer who invented a farming machine called the reaper.
reaper A machine used to cut grain. A reaper could cut 28 times more grain than a single man using a scythe.
bread basket Name given to the Central Plains where large quantities of wheat were grown and harvested.
Robert Fulton In 1807 invented a steam boat called the "Clermont" that could travel up river against the river's current.
National Road Built in 1806, funded by Congress, this toll road highway connected the new western states with the eastern states.
Erie Canal Started in 1817 to connect the Hudson River in New York with Lake Eire, linking the the farms in the Central Plains with East Coast cities.
Immigrants A person who moves from one country to another for. This movement is called immigration.
Irish immigrants Came to America because of a potato famine.
German immigrants Came to America because of a failed revolution.
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