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6th - Ancient Mayas

6th History - Chapter 8 - Ancient Mayas

What is the Mayan area called today? Mexico and Central America
The Mayas developed what mathematical concept? Zero
What did the Mayas use cocoa beans for? Hot Chocolate, money
What was the name of the priest that tried to convert the Mayas writing into Spanish? Diego de Landa
Who left a six-foot stone sculpture (of their kings heads) that archeologists found? Olmec
What did the Mayas make paper out of? long strips of bark from fig trees
What was the name of the game that the mayas played where they padded thir wrist, elbows, and hips and tried to hit a small rubber ball through a hoop? pok-to-pok
The Mayan king was known as? Makina- great sun lord
What was the name of he drink that the Mayas made of corn paste, water, and honey? pazole
Besides cocoa beans what else was very important to the Mayas? Most people wore simple cotton cloths. The men wore tunics and breech-cloths, sometimes with a short cape. The women wore straight, plain dresses or wroparound skirts and long blouses. Both men and women wore a lot of jewelry: earings, rings, armbands-NQC
sometimes used as sacrifices slaves
great sun lord king or "makina"
told fortunes priests
constructed monuments peasants
chief of the army nobles
lived in palaces kings
debtors slaves
taught writing, astronomy, and mathematics priests
lived in small wooden houses peasants
spoke to gods on behalf of the people kings
treated sicknesses priests
artists and architects nobles
criminals slaves
farmers peasants
absolute authority kings
educated women nobles
true man, "halach uinic" kings
produced fabric peasants
lived near the center of the city nobles
wore headdresses with quetzal plumes kings
How did the Mayas dress and how did they look? (blank)
How does the Mayas belief of beauty differ from our belief today? (blank)
How did the Mayas value cocoa beans and how do we today value it? (blank)
* The Mayan land contained (type of topography)...? rainforests, mountains, plateaus, lowlands
* Natural resources of the Mayas included... cotton, rubber, bananas, cocoa
* Mayas made great advances in... art, literature, architecture
* Mayan activities included... playing games, writing books, composing music, studying stars
* What did the Mayas base their calendars on? the cycles of the sun and moon
* The Mayan books in existence today describe... the planet Venus, solar eclipses
* Some possible reans for the Mayas' flight from their cities include... famine, war, rebellion against religious requirements
soldiers, farm workers, and laborers peasants
* What place in the cities were centers for trade, celebrations, and slave trade? plazas
* The whole Mayan culture was dominated by... religion
the only people to play pok-to-pok nobles
Created by: kbtarheelgirl