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History(The Berlin Blockade)

What was the cause of tension between the superpowers during the cold war? The division of Germany after world war II
After world war II Germany was divided into four zones of occupation. Who got these zones? The Soviet Union,America,Britain and France
Berlin,the capital city of Germany was also divided,who got the east and who got the west of the city? The Soviet Union got the east. America,Britain and France got the west
Why did stalin want Germany to remain weak? Stalin believed that a weak Germany would prose no future threat to the Soviet Union
What was the Deutschmark? The new common currency that America,Britain and France planned to introduce in 1948
Why did Stalin not like the idea of the Deutschmark? He believed that the other superpowers were pressuring the Soviet union into accepting the reunification of Germany
What happened on June 24 1948? Stalin closed all land and water routes between west Germany and Berlin
Who were the western allies? America,Britain and France
After west Berlin had been cut off from the rest of west Germany what did the western allies do? They airlifted food supplies using three air corridors. Hamburg,Hanover and Frankfurt
Stalin realized that his plans to drive the western allies out of west Berlin had failed. What did he do then? He re-opened the boarders on May 12 1949
What were the results of the airlift? Germany was split into the Feral Repulbic of Germany (FDR) and the German Democratic Republic (GDR) until 1990. America,Canada and 10 western European countries set up a defensive organsiation called (NATO)The north Atlantic treaty organsication
What was the Berlin wall? The 25 mile wall that was built through the middle of Berlin to divided east and west on the 13th of August in 1961
Created by: Chimozukee
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