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History(The Irish Famine)

What were the years of the famine? 1845 -1850
Who were tenant farmers? People who rented farms for lanlords,some were known as middlemen meaning they descended from pre-penal Ireland
Who were cottiers? People who worked for tenant farmers and rented a small patch of land from them. This small piced of land land was called a conarce
When was the potato introduced into Ireland? 1600's
The potato became the staple food in Irish peasant diets,why was this? It was very nutritious, many can grow on a small patch of land, the potato grows in our damp climate
What is the blight? A fungus that attacks the potato as it grows,it rots the potato in the ground making it inedible
What affect did the blight have on the Irish famine? It caused the famine,because of the blight attack on the potato, the potato became inedible causing starvation and diease
What was Black'47? The worst year of the famine
How did the British respond to the famine? There reaction was slow. During the famine the working scheme the British set up was extended. Indian maize(corn) was imported from America and was distributed to some of the population(no instructions were given on how to cook it so many people starved)
What were the results of the famine? The Irish population halved. Irish people spread all over the world. The Irish language was greatly reduced
Created by: Chimozukee