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MWC Mid-term Review

Vocab Flashcards

Renaissance Period in history following the middle ages. it was known as a "Re-birth" of art and learning from the classical period of Greece and Rome.
Reformation Period in world history following and encouraged by the Renaissance and it's spirit of discovery.
Machiavelli Wrote "The Prince", stated that a ruler must do whatever he has to do to stay in power.
Da Vinci He made sketches of nature and of models in his studio. He dissected corpses to learn how bones and muscles work. Renaissance man and inventor. Ex. Mona Lisa The Last Supper
Michelanglo He was a sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, and poet. Ex. David Pieta
Raphael Developed own style. Great artist of the Renaissance. Ex. Madonna The school of Athens
Origins of the Renaissance Italian cit-states had money to support the arts
Movable type Help print more books. Books were cheaper. Rapid spread of new ideas.
Utopia Concept of a perfect society, written by Sir Thomas More.
Catholic Church corruptions Popes competed with Italian princes for political power.Critics said it was too concerned with worldly power and riches. The church also fought to expand its own interests.
Galileo Assembled an astronomical telescope. He observed that the 4 mooons of Jupiter move slowly around that planet and he also saw sunspots. Supporter of the Copernican theory of a Heliocentric universe.
Kepler Used his calculations to support the Copernican theory.
Line of Demarcation Gave Spain most of South America except Brazil, which went to Portugal.
Pizarro Conquest to the Incas
Coronado Explored American southwest
Balboa Crossed Panama, reached pacific
Cortez Conquests to the Aztecs
Diaz Southern most tip of Africa
Aztec and Inca conquest The Spanish had horses, guns and European diseases.
Middle Passage A terrible voyage that the slaves had to cross the Atlantic Ocean
Philip II of Spain Absolute monarch, ruled with complete authority.
Louis XIV Inherited the throne in 1643. Ruled as an absolute monarch "I am the state".
Divine Rights of the Kings Believed by James I, the right to rule comes directly form god.
Peter the Great Waged war against the Ottoman Empire to gain a warm water port.
Montesquieu Believed that power should be divided among three branches of government.
French Philosophy Opposed religious prejudice and superstition.
Maria Antoinette Married to Louis XVI
Olympe de Gouges A journalist, demanded equal rights in her Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the female citizens.
Lafayette French aristocratic "Hero of two worlds" fought alongside George Washington. Led a middle class militia.
Bastille Important symbol of change when it fell, July 14, 1789.
Robespierre Known as the Incorruptible, would have supported the execution of Louis XIV, led the Cps and the Reign of Terror.
Nationalism Strong feeling of pride in one's country.Not in one's ruler.
Congress of Vienna Metternich, Goal was to restore traditional political and social order.
Adam Smith and Laissez-fair Government should do nothing to interfere in the economy
Bismark Sought German unification by taking military actions.
2nd Reich The German Empire
Count Camillo Cavour Prime minister wanted to end Austrian power in Italy and annex Lombardy and Venetia.
Victor Emmanuel II Constitutional monarch of Sardinia, later King of united Italy.
Red Shirts Volunteers to help Garibaldi.Won control of Sicily.
Metternich The prince of Austria, opposed a unified Italy.Dominant personality at the congress of Vienna.
"Sick man of Europe" Collapse due to nationalism of different groups and the ambition of other European powers.
Ethnic Minorities Slavic groups included Czechs, Slovaks, poles, Ukrainians, Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, often in the same.
Alexander II of Russia Pattern of reform and repression,Sought to abolish serfdom.
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