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S.s. chapter 10 .

Presidents mr. Cutaia

Democratic-republicans Jefferson led Think people should have more power States stronger Government weak Pro-French Mostly farmers and craftsmen
Federalist Hamilton led Strong government Wealthy have power States weak Pro-British Merchants in the north
Precedent An act that sets an example for others to follow
Cabinet Advise the president
Inaugurate Formally swearing someone into office
Tariff A tax on imported goods
Attorney general Legal officer
Cede Surrender
North west territory Land bordered by Ohio, Mississippi River and Great Lakes
Foreign policy Relations with governments of other nations
Political party Team supporting an idea to improve the government
Aliens Immigrants that aren't citizens
Sedition Stirring up rebellion against a government
Nullification State can cancel a federal law
District of Columbia Area set aside for the nations capital ( Washington, D.C.)
Bank of the us Hamilton helped. Taxes that were collected were used to make loans.
National debt Total sum of money the government owes to others.
Bond A certificate that promises to repay the amount borrowed
Speculator Someone who invests money to make profit
Nullify To cancel
Federal judiciary act 1789 law to set up lower federal courts
Whiskey rebellion Farmers in Pennsylvania protesting tax, Washington send militia to stop protesting.
Treaty of Greenville 1795 treaty that 12 Indian tribes gave up control of opioid and Indiana to us
Jays treaty John jay agreed: British pay damages for seized ships Americans pay debts to British Britain gave up forts in the Ohio river valley
Pickney's treaty Treaty with Spain that said us can use the Mississippi River
French Revolution Violent war in France
XYZ affair France's minister made a deal with agents to stop seizure of us ships.
Alien and sedition acts 4 laws passed to reduce rights of immigrants. Republicans angry. 14 years to become a citizen. If someone critiques the government they can go to jail
Neutrality proclamation
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