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History Vocab. #1

Orange sheet of paper : weekly pop vocabulary quiz.

Delegates Electors from each state that select the president.
Precedent A decision or an action that becomes and example for later generations.
Judiciary Act of 1789 Congress created a federal court system.
Alexander Hamilton He became the United States' first secretary of treasury.
Bonds Certificate that promises to repay money owed.
Thomas Jefferson He became the United States' first secretary of state.
Protective Tariff Tax played on foreign goods.
Bank of the US It opened in 1791 to provide some stability to the U.S economy.
France Inspired by our revolution, this country had one of their own.
Neutrality With France and England at war, the U.S makes this proclamation so we won't have to choose friends.
Jay's Treaty Unpopular agreement reached with England in 1794 due to the issue of impressments.
Spain This European country agrees to change the borders of Florida in Pinckney's Treaty.
Little Turtle Indian Leader who was fighting Americans in the Northwest territory.
Whiskey Rebellion This rebellion of farmers was quickly put down by President Washington.
Farewell Address Washington officially says "good-bye" to public service with this speech.
Political Parties Groups that help government officials and shape government policies.
Judicial Review This power allows the Supreme Court to declare laws unconstitutional.
Marbury vs. Madison This court case established judicial review.
Louisiana Purchase This purchase of American land from France doubles the size of the United States in 1803.
Lewis and Clark These men are selected by Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase.
Sacajawea This young Native American woman guided Lewis and Clark.
Zebulon Pike He set out to find the starting point of the Red River in the Rockies.
Impressment The practice of capturing American ships and sailors and forcing them into service.
Embargo Refusing to trade with another country.
Non-Intercourse Act Act that banned trade with Britain and France.
Tecumseh Native American who tried to unite the Indians of the Northwest Territory.
William Henry Harrison Governor of the Indiana Territory who defeats the Indians of the Northwest Territory.
War Hawks Members of Congress who want to go to war with Britain.
James Madison This "Father of the Constitution" was elected our 4th president in 1808.
Old Ironsides Nickname given to the USS Constitution when cannonball bounced off her side.
Andrew Jackson American hero at the Battle of New Orleans.
Treaty of Ghent Treaty which ends the War of 1812.
Era of Good Feeling Name given to the time period after the war of 1812.
James Monroe Republican who won the Election of 1816 and 1820 becoming our 5th president.
Adams-Onis Treaty The boundaries of Florida are settled in this treaty in 1819.
Monroe Doctrine Warning to European powers to make no more attempts to colonize in the Americas.
Missouri Compromise Compromise that brings Missouri into the Union as a slave state; Maine as a free state.
Henry Clay Kentucky congressman responsible for passage of the Missouri Compromise.
American System Henry Clay's plan to improve roads and build canals.
Corrupt Bargain Nickname given to the disputed Election of 1824.
Created by: KayleighHolt