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Doing Business EU

What is "Soziale Markwirtshaft"? Is a German word for the combination of two system, capitalism and socialism, it combine private enterprise with government regulation to establish: far competition, low inflation, low unemployment, standards for working condition and social welfare.
What does Germany geographic location means for doing business in Europe? number of neighbors, positive balance, top exp and imp partners are neighbors, facilities of being in the E.U.
Name the main characteristics of the German economy size of the economy, GDP real growth, gross, composition, industrial products, attractiveness for foreign investors, infrastructure, age structure, growth rare and immigration.
What does the label made in Germany mean? Started as British warning, later became a symbol of quality, now a days outsourcing makes the word "made in" more ambiguous, e.g. Porsche in Slovakia
Holder of patents in Europe and world and its implications De(13K),USA(13K), Japan,(11k), U.K(1.9K), Ned(1.8k)protect the right of ownership so org.can make investment in R&I for new products because they if they come with positive results they will only be able to commercialized the product & course of resources
Export and Import partners in Europe in general For Germany: import(NE,FR,IT,UK,BE,RU,AUS,SW)->30%, export(FR,UK,NE,IT,AUS,BEL,SP,POL,SW)->30%, possible EU free trade, same currency, commercial agreements.
Please discuss the German economy what are some key characteristics of German Products? Ex & Imp (Mach,Veh,Chem,Metal,Food,Tex)highlight intersectoral trading, can mention imp and exp partners again, infrastructure, quality, mittlestat and they supply of specif niche and the role of that in patents.
Features of German infrastructure densest railway system worldwide, many international airports & seaports. Currently is the 3rth country worldwide in quality of infrastructure. -foreign inv, -green economy, -last mile
Business environment, mention some pos and neg aspects. DE(20)+:getting electricity (2), enforcing contracts (5), trading across borders (13) ,,,-:starting a business (106), protecting investors (100), compare to USA(4) & homecontry(48)
Important step for starting a business 9 procedures, 7 days, 1561 E: name, notary,b-account, notary, notify local office,register w/professional association, notify labor force, register employees, mail out doc. to tax office
Describe the most important forms for doing a business. Sole proprietorship:for start ups and small business, low formal cost, manages by the founder/owner Partnership Gbr,Ohg,Kg suitable for S,M,L, formall cost 1,22 manages by ALL,several,non-partners Corporatoin Gmhn ,Ag: M-L, 25k,50k,partner, shareholder
What is the role of small and medium size business in Germany? Contrast general thinking, German economy is comprise in >85% by small and medium size enterprises, preserving business for next generation, focus on sophisticated expensive products (patents){niche}, role in apprentinceships
What does the current economic crisis mean for doing business in Europe? slow economical growth of the European countries,step back to doing business w/all the parity conversion,some states will became bankrupt inflation rise, purchasing power down,
Name six major German companies and explain a little bit about them :) Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Metro AG, Rewe, Deutsceh Telekomm
Characterized shortly the main issues of Daimler company 125 years old, producing luxury cars Mercedes C&B bread and butter in USA, Maybach, 3 a day RU,AR, CH and buses most used in EU, offers financial services,
Please characterized the German banking system Specialized:one thing and Universal (30%Commerce,50%saving, 20%cooperative): varios services, in Germany there are more Universal but tendency is toward specialized becuase of "to big to fail" policy.
Please discuss the opportunities to get financial assistance to open a business ktW bank group, describe the option
From the theoretical framework of Hofstede compare German business culture to European culture. Germany, France,Mexico, Slovaquia PDI:35,68,81,104 IDV:67,71,30,52 MAS:66,43,49,110 UAI:65,86,82,51 LTO:31,39,-,38
Please discuss the German culture of gift giving: Concern of being accused of corruption or having moral obligation w/the gift giver.Is not recommended before a contract is sealed because your intentions may be highly misinterpreted. The larger the gift, the more official and public the giving should be.
Please discuss the problem of corruption from a comparative European perspective Corruption hampers the economic growth & development, scarce allocation of resources, no development of efficient market structure or fair competition , theory that it helps cause less bureaucracy, wrong in macro
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