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Roman Vocab Words

forum the government and religious center of a Roman city
cardo the main north-south road through a Roman city.
decumanus the main east-west road through a Roman city
pomerium open strip of land aling the inner face of the wall around a Roman city protected by the gods
aqueduct a pipeline specifically built to carry water
insula a Roman city block, ususally square or rectangular in shape
crenelations alternating high and low sections of stonework on top of a wall used to protect the soldiers
portcullis a metal-clad timber grill which could be lowered to seal off the gates to the city
tunnel vault a semicircular ceiling or roof covering the main gate
cloacae a large underground sewer in the form of a tunnel
rostrum a raised platform from which speeches are delivered
thermae Roman public baths
caldarium the heated area of the thermae containing hotwater pools
tepidarium the area of the thermae containing the luke warm pools
frigidarium the area of the thermae containing cold water pools
oculus a round opening or window
amphitheater an oval arena completely surrounded by gradually rising rows of seats
quarry an excavation or pit, from which building stone, or slate, is obtained
keystone The central locking stone at the top of an arch
reservoir A place where water is collected and stored for use
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