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Chapt.17 Review

Mr.Nauman American History

Old Blood and Guts George Patton
Took place in North Africa Operation Tourch
Missouri Senator- Vice President- President Harry Truman
In charge of whole army and started WAACs George Marshal
Radio Personalties Toyko Rose/ Axis Sally
WOW and represents the factory worker Rosie the Riveter
Most decorated soldier, 24 medals, Medal of Honor Audie Murphey
Desert Fox, Operation Torch Rommel
Supreme commander of D-Day Eisenhower
From movie, mission was to do whatever he needed to go home Captain Miller
Took place in Normandy, France. 60 miles of beach D-Day
Turning point, European theater Stalingrad
Victory in Europe VE Day
Germany is in retreat rest of war, last German offensive Battle of the Bulge
where we fooled the Germans Calais
Our decoding machine kept secret for 30 years Ultra
Term if someone thought you were communist 5th Column
When artillery explodes Flak
Risks life delivering information Runner
group of paratroopers stick
allows you to see bullets in the air tracers
noise when clip is out of bullets ping
CO commanding officer
to go around the side from behnd flanked
German word for tank Panzer
bigger German tank Tiger
group Private Ryan was a part of 101st Airborne
displayed in homes of soldiers still alive Blue flags
displayed in homes of dead soldiers gold flags
best method to pay for the war war bonds
1/3 of war food came from this victory garden
us military headquarters in Washington DC Pentagon
German coding machine also known as Glowworm Enigma
landing craft mechanized Higgins Boat
used to get supplies in gliders
pontoon bridge built used to get trucks of supplies in mulberries
type of plane that pulled glideers C47
company that delivers bad news western Union
detects planes radar
largest amphibian invasion in history D-day
took place in North Africa Operation Torch
turning point of the European theater Battle of Stalingrad
2 main beaches US hit Utah and Omaha
3 countries at D-day Britain, Canada, and US
Patton was in charge of this army 3rd Army
victory speed limit 35 miles per hour
number of civil defense spotters 8 million
Boy Scouts sold these war bonds
British commander of 21st army group Montgomery
Created by: hwzone
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