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Chapter 25

Nixon, Ford, and Carter Years

Richard Nixon 37th president, known for his foreign policy toward the Soviet Union and China for illegal acts he committed in the Watergate affair that forced his resignation.
Law and Order (blank)
Detente A relaxation in political tensions between nations.
China President went here to talk and resolve issues which ended out well and Americans looked as this as one of his successes.
Mao Zedong Chinese leader who had led the revolution in 1949.
SALT I Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty- 1972 agreement between the US and the Soviet Union on limiting nuclear weapons.
Watergate Scandal involving illegal activities that led ultimately to the resignation of President Nixon in 1974.
Democratic National Committee (blank)
CREEP (blank)
Saturday Night Massacre When Nixon fired Archibald Cox.
Archibald Cox A Harvard professor who was fired by Nixon because he asked Nixon for the tapes.
Gerald Ford 38th president, succeeded and pardoned Nixon; failed to establish strong leadership.
25th Amendment (blank)
Stagflation Combination of high inflation and high unemployment, with no economic growth.
Jimmy Carter 39th president, advocated concern for human rights in foreign policy; assisted in mediating the Camp David Accords
Energy Crisis Carter proposed a new idea to conserve energy and to save oil, use solar energy, cut taxes.
Three Mile Island Where something happened with a nuclear power plant.
Camp David Accords 1978 agreement between Israel and Egypt that made a peace treaty between the two nations possible.
Egypt Involved with the Camp David Accords.
Israel Involved with the Camp David Accords.
Shah of Iran Came to America when he was on trial in Iran.
Iranian Hostage Crisis When Iranians kept hostage American students because they let the Shah of Iran into America when he was on trial in Iran.
Afganistan A country in which the Soviet Union invaded.
1980 Moscow Olympics Carter imposed a boycott on this, and 60 other nations joined the olympic boycott and detente was effectively dead because of this.
SALT II More complicated than SALT I, this agreement limited the number of nuclear warheads and missiles held by each superpower.
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