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Westward Expansion 5

pioneer one of the first settlers to travel into an unknown territory
frontier an area that settlers have just started moving into
interpreter a person who translates what is being said in one language into another language
doctrine an official statement or position
suffrage the right to vote
famine a widespread shortage of food
reform change for the better
temperance controlling or cutting back on the drinking of alcohol
injustice unfair treatment that ignores a person' rights
wagon train a line of covered wagons moving cross-country
forty-niner a person who went to find gold in California in 1849
gold rush the quick movement of people to California and other places following the discovery of gold
boomtown a town whose population booms, or grows, very quickly
Daniel Boone hunter and pioneer who was curious about the land west of the Appalachians
Napoleon Bonaparte French ruler who offered to sell all of Louisiana to the U.S.
Louisiana Purchase purchased from France and doubled the size of the U.S.
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark sent by President Jefferson to explore the Missouri and Columbia rivers to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean; gathered information on geography, plants, animals, climate and peoples of the West
Sacagawea a Shoshone woman who joined Lewis and Clark as their interpreter
Thomas Jefferson was elected as the 3rd president in 1800
War of 1812 the United States declared war against the British because they thought they were giving weapons to the American Indians; British Navy seized American ships and forced sailors to join the British Navy
Monroe Doctrine a warning issued by President James Monroe to European nations not to invade or start new colonies in any part of North or South America
Andrew Jackson elected President in 1828 and was seen as a hero of the War of 1812; was admired by many as a tough fighter
Trail of Tears Cherokee Indians were forced to leave their home due to the Indian Removal Act; thousands died from the terrible conditions
Indian Removal Act 1830; ordered people of the Indian nations east of the Mississippi River to move west so President Jackson could get more land
Sequoya invented a writing system for the Cherokee language
Chief John Ross to the Indian Removal Act case to the Supreme Court where it was ruled unlawful; President Jackson ignored the decision
immigrants people who move from one country to another country
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